Advertising campaign not working


Hi. Im new to Amazon central. Ive started a new advertising campaign 1 week ago and it says its active, yet not 1p has been taken out of the account. It is clearly not working or active. I have no idea how to get help from Amazon on this.

Can you help me get the advert working or contact Amazon for help?

Thank you


you probably havent got the buy box so the money wont be taken out as you must have the buy box for this to happen


Oh, ok. So how do I get that?


How can I become eligible?

If you are a Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) seller, your FBA new offers are automatically eligible to win the Buy Box. Otherwise, you must meet all of the conditions listed below. Amazon does not guarantee placement in the Buy Box.

  1. Type of selling account: You must have a Professional selling account. Here’s how you can check your current account type and upgrade, if required.
  2. Performance Metrics: Your Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Late Shipment Rate are metrics that determine eligibility - the better you perform, the higher your chances are of becoming Buy Box eligible. You can see how you are doing on the Account Health page.
  3. Order volume: In order for Amazon to accurately assess your performance, we require that you have sufficient order volume (which varies among categories).


Assuming it is a PPC campaign, has anybody clicked on it? Try raising your bids they might be too low in comparison to your competitors.


This is extremely difficult. We are a business that has its own brand, PUNKCARDS, look us up. We sell to the biggest card retailer in Europe, Card Factory. We have sold over 1,000,000 cards, yet Amazon are treating us like an amateur company. It seems crazy. How can we speed this up as we are selling over 20,000 cards a week else where and only 20 a day on Amazon when we can sell 200 a day. We have over 400 designs we want to upload and sell. It all seems like Amazon dont want to do business with us.


You can’t speed Amazon up. I’ve seen it mentioned that new sellers aren’t eligible for the buybox until 90 days have passed, but i don’t think I’ve seen Amazon be as specific.


yes demel i have always thought this was the case but not sure if that also applies to fba


Happy to be corrected, but, having the buy box when you are the only seller (which you would be if it is your own brand) I don’t believe should affect your advertising. I would look at your bid amount - it may be too low as I would imagine cards are quite competitive.
I don’t wish to sound rude, but just because you are a well established, and clearly profitable company already doesn’t mean things can be sped up just for you (really, i don’t want to sound rude)
Lastly, on the advertising console, you can EMail or request a call back from a representative who deals with advertising, usually they respond quite quickly, well they have for me at least
Good luck


You are not guaranteed the buy box even if you are the only seller. Ads need the buy box to actually run.


You don’t need the buy box for sponsored brands. @Punkcards is your account fully verified?


Tracey’s put it better than me, but that’s kinda what I meant


yes see what you mean but if its your own brand and you are the only seller you would have the buy box anyway


actually demel thinking about it you are right you arent guaranteed the buy box even if the only seller(obviously your chances are very high)


But like Tracey says, you don’t need the buy box for sponsored brands. Also, I would have thought that if you are the only seller it wouldn’t matter anyway as you are not competing with anyone else. Otherwise, anyone selling on their own by FBM would not be able to advertise for 90 days - i wouldn’t have thought that would be correct but who knows


Demel is correct, like Punkcards I also have my own brand (also selling cards!) and my buy box wins often drop from 100% down to around 70%, there isn’t always a buy box.

I believe it is also true that new sellers aren’t eligible for the buy box for 90 days but you can easily check on your seller dashboard (top right) if you are being awarded the buy box.


It will look like this…31


You will rapidly find Amazon dont give a sh*t about you or your company,they are absolutely the worst company to deal with regarding Customer Service towards us sellers.For many the bars to selling imposed by the bots,that run everthing here,mean many sellers give up before they get going.
The replies you get here will be from established sellers that have learned to work with the many obstacles put in front of us.
As for Buy Box it is 90 days from account opening but I’m pretty sure as soon as you get 1 buyer feedback the BB will become active,then again dont expect more than 2% of buyers to leave FB many get less.
Good luck with your Amazon venture.


confirmed handmade sellers often loose their buy box when they are the only seller, they are in effect gated, we can’t even list multiple fulfilment options like we can in marketplace. Lost 70% of my own buy box in handmade about a year an a half ago, it was catastrophic for sales (even though SS do not recognise this)


Agreed, and for clarity, we were eligible for the Buy Box before 90 days (perhaps we met Amazons criteria; professional account, volume, and so on).