Advertising not working, no help from Amazon


We sell 3 films. One is a political documentary, the other movie of nature and music.
Using sponsored ads.
Using general keywords like “dvd” or “documentary” we get lots of impressions and clicks, of few sales as these terms are too general. Keywords relevant to our films get no impressions at all.

We tried sponsored products, selecting movies similar to ours. Again no impressions, the more unlike our films the more clicks.

So the effect is the opposite to how Amazon ads work. We pay Amazon to show our ads to people unlikely to buy!!!

We have rung Amazon numerous times they agree it is not working as it should. The problem has been escalated several times. Months have gone by and the issue is never answered or resolved.


Hi Picture_of_Beauty
The GB VAT number you have uploaded is showing as Invalid. There is an additional tax policy in regards to advertising which includes VAT, where all information needs to be up to date and correct.

You only sell 3 dvds and those marked erotic are not eligible for advertising.

Your ads must:

  • Be suitable for a general audience.


We know one our films is categorized as erotic (against our will) and we are not trying to advertise it.
The ads say they are showing, but only for useless keywords and not for keywords that describe our film. We are not VAT registered because our turnover is low.

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