Advice on repeated A-Z claims from one customer please


Since the OP would have been in touch with the recipients then it would be easy enough to request the name of the company from whom they actually purchased as part of that inquiry.
At least one of those recipients would be likely to respond with
“I purchased this from…”


“Snail mail” letters done and are ready to be sent out by Royal Mail first class post in the morning. I’ve just received another A-Z claim so I hope that one of the people who purchased the maps do advise me which company they bought the maps through on Amazon. Four out of six orders from one customer going astray? We’ve been selling on Amazon for years and never had this happen.


You may as well draw up the other two letters by the sound of it, since the remaining 2 A-Z’s seem sure to follow fairly soon


I’ve just had an email from Amazon saying they’ve granted the refund on the A-Z claim just submitted even though I contacted the “customer” and responded to Amazon. I thought I had till the 7th of December to resolve the matter. Not that I expect the customer to contact me and you are right, Adrian, I may as well print the other letters off.

The whole situation is absolutely infuriating and very stressful. We’ve worked really hard over the years to build a successful business on Amazon, our feedback etcetera is fantastic, and one rogue person/company can ruin all that. It just isn’t fair.

Thanks to everyone on the forum for your support. It means a lot.


Try the phone book as you know the address some may not be ex directory.


Amaz[quote=“stillabittrippy1, post:7, topic:247925, full:true”]
Or maybe Amazon could start removing repeat offenders who are basically shop lifting from sellers. They are not dropshippers they are thieves.

Amazon don’t care. The love it.

Going through a certain person’s feedback, a notorious scam artist, who is bulletproof despite years of complaints, I estimated, providing he keeps his accounts going - after all, he just pops up with a new one - he might be putting as much as 1 Milllion gross through Amazon’s books a year through his double dip operation, selling to the public, buying from other sellers


you sound naive, but we are on the same side(


Are dropshippers not technically breaking GDPR rules? I’m not sure, but thought you were only supposed to share contact details with a courier service, not some random from Amazon who you are buying from to then supply a customer?


iirc the phrasing of the law is something to the effect of “Anyone that is absolutely required in order for the order to be completed”.


When this happens to me I usual find the culprit on an online auctions site. you can sometimes find their details on there. I usually e-mail them asking them to stop listing my items. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


We also posted a number of shipments to an ‘Flat’ address at London postcode NW8 9TH (Jabiz) all marked as delivered after numerous failed attempts. Buyer claimed INR on all occasions.


Although that is good common sense advice - this is Amazon and is the actual worst thing you could do. You WILL get banned forever if they find one comment relating to you phoning customers - especially when the customers aren’t yours. The customer gave their details to the dropshipper (if that is the correct therory- I believe so), so you have not been handed the persmission to use that data.
I know, I know I hate me for even saying that too but the OP is massively at even more risk of losing their account if Amazon get the slightest wind of a phone call being made. Again, even though that is perfectly reasonable outside of Amazon. There are several posts where the seller has stated such and this has prompted the ban - not the original issue.

I think the OP needs to kill off this line from the dropshipper POV (increase prices, send tracked, etc) or just lose the product for a while and re-list after the account is back in good standing and the frquency of orders are lower.

The reason there aren’t any phone numbers is that you’ve shipped the item - it removes the phone number instantly on dispatch.


I’ve also done this with a fair percentage of success. The more worldly DS will just shrug it off but a newb / chancer will often panic and move on.


It’s a norm that people are using Amazon now to commit a fraud , customer’s are even signing for the parcels and saying, i didn’t
My Mate’s prime order got refunded after 139 days ( and it was a baby mattress)

and the item returned wasn’t even his mattress … Feels like amazon is assisting fraud

ONLY two winners on Amazon
1- Amazon
2- Prime Customers (or other customers)

Seller support never helps you , they create this funny thing called (Case). You want to do stress free trade , then Amazon isn’t really the place ( because one spends hours and hours dealing with this rubbish)

Me : Just a worker in a company and they want to sell on Amazon , let them. I don’t mind, As long as i get paid my wages on in the first 3-days of every month.

Think … !!


Thanks for your advice which I appreciate. I certainly won’t telephone a customer.



When we mark the order as dispatched we know it will reach the customer within 3 days. Looking at the dates you have provided seems excessive delay from the date of order to the date of claim. When the customer places the order they will have a delivery estimate delivery period up to 5 days so when a customer waits a few months it makes me wonder.

When purchasing online I rely on the estimate delivery period and will only contact the seller on the last day of delivery period. I would not wait months or weeks or even years to let the seller know there was a problem with the order i.e not arrived. To me it defeats the object of having a estimate delivery date when customers claims none received order weeks or months later. Naturally on low value orders customers will know the cost of sending the order tracked will not be cost-effective so the advice given by seller support to send everything tracked will not be feasible.

Before any claim reaches A-Z process we would expect the customer to contact us in the first instance, failing this the claim may draw adverse conclusions. If the claim is for loss, damage we follow the courier claims process by either dispatching a replacement or refunding the order. I understand Royal Mail have changed their business terms and conditions from claims made using or OBA. DMO terms were not favourable to the business seller. When we make a claim for loss with Royal Mail for loss or damage they refund in full (Full Retail Cost below £20).

If its a parcel Id rather pay £3 retail cost then £2.60 and get nothing back for loss, this is obviously subject to what you sell below £20.00


Were the A-Zs made out of the blue without the buyer contacting you first? I have also had a spate of a group of dropshippers doing this and managed to get Amazon to deny one of the claims, despite the fact that the delivery was not signed for.

In my response to the claim, I explained that the claim was fraudulent and outlined the pattern of the dropshipper’s behaviour. I also pointed out that a buyer opening an A-Z claim with no prior contact was in breach of Amazon’s stated policy, as buyers are ALWAYS required to contact the seller first.

Amazon said they found in my favour because “In this case, the claim was filed out of policy or we detected customer activity that violated our policies.”

Needless to say, I was astonished Amazon actually listened and supported their seller, it took me 5 minutes to get up off the floor. But it’s worth fighting these fraudulent claims, even if you don’t have tracking.


Yes the claims made were out of the blue Cara without the buyer contacting me first. Thanks for the information which I appreciate.

I’m waiting holding my breath to see if we receive notification from Amazon that two further refunds have been requested which would mean that out of the six orders sent on behalf of this “customer” six A-Z refunds would have been granted. In all our years of trading on Amazon we have not received one A-Z before.

I’m also looking into buying shipping through Amazon and tracking services/prices although I think the best way forward for us is probably going to be to send everything into Amazon for them to fulfill the orders. We send the majority of our stock into Amazon but normally ship the maps/posters ourselves. It’s annoying that one rogue customer can disrupt our business so much to say nothing of the time wasted trying to resolve the problem and the fact that I’m jumping every time the phone rings today wondering if it is an Amazon rep telling me our account may be suspended.

Thanks again for your response to my query. The support on the Seller Forum is really great.


Very glad to share my experience if it helps.

That is ridiculous. You must appeal these A-Z decisions, if you haven’t already (there is a button within each claim to appeal). When you do, I would definitely highlight the excessively high rate of this person claiming non-delivery. The normal rate of items going missing in the post must be less than 1%. This dropshipper must be makng the same level of claims against other sellers, too, so urge Amazon to examine their record of making excessive claims.

And do point out Amazon should never have allowed the claims to be opened in the first place as they are in breach of policy. As the seller, you’ve had no opportunity to address any issue before the claim was made. Your metrics and account health have been damaged through no fault of your own. Quote the policy, it’s stated in the help section but what it actually says is,
“Note: Customers are always required to contact you before filing a claim, either via Buyer-Seller messaging or a return request.”
I’m finding that these frauds make contact about one order, and then the system seems to be set up so that they can then make an A-Z claim for a completely different order with no contact first. The communication history for order A is then presented within the A-Z claim for order B, even though it’s a completely different order. I have opened a case with Amazon about why this is allowed to happen but have not yet had a response.


could i ask you if you sell books a I am having a similar experience with someone