Advice on shipping alcohol to Amazon using PCP


Background: We have had previous Amazon shipments successfully collected and delivered to our designated Amazon warehouse without issue (I believe the carrier was Kuehne & Nagel).

Current issue: the last shipment was assigned to UPS through Amazon’s PCP. Our account setup was rejected by UPS because they do not ship alcohol and have identified our location as a residential address (which it is not). Amazon are aware that UPS do not ship alcohol so we’re not sure why UPS were assigned to this shipment?

Can anyone shed some light on how carriers are assigned and whether there is any way of selecting your preferred carrier from their partners? We would need a carrier that ships alcohol.

We are yet to look into shipping with a non-partnered carrier and are reluctant to having seen the feedback and high rate of delivery rejection from Amazon warehouses…



Were you able to find other carriers? I have attached a link that you may find useful, Ship products to Amazon, and Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme – overview.

I really hope this helps!