All customer returns to get sent back to Seller


We have been selling on Amazon for about 5 years. We haven’t made any changes to the default Amazon return process - apart from any unsellable items get sent back to us once a month.

We are soon launching a new product which we want Amazon to send back to us to check, if a customer returns it. Of course - we don’t want our existing products to be changed.

Can someone advise how to do this? I think it would be from this screen, but don’t want to touch it unless I know what I’m doing…

EDIT: I think the link is for unfulfillable items only. I want ALL customer returns for the new product to be sent to us.


Dont think you can pick sku’s its all or none.


You can not create removal order for returns which Amazon thinks are still “Sellable” I am afraid.


Is this really the case? Surely there must be products which the seller needs to reset, for example combination locks which the customer may have change the code to?

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