All items to one fullfillment centre


Is there any way to send all products to one centre?
My products have wittled down to 2 or 3 per centre over 4 destinations.
Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


It can be done if you can identify where your items go. For example, we know that all of our vinyl records go to Gourock. We know all of our paper products go to Peterborough so we tailor our shipments to suit. That means not mixing different kinds of products in shipments. It takes time to work it out but we have done it with about 90% of our products.


It actually is possible. There is a scheme (Which you pay for of course, and I can’t remember the name of it), where they will store all of your stock in the one centre.
But generally as a rule, they don’t split shipments that much, unless you are sending mixed sizes of stock. ie. S&L, standard FBA or oversize items.
Just make sure your sending enough, to be able to cover the shipment cost for each.


It’s a bit of a pain to be honest, I’m sending on 10 changing bags, all the same apart from colour, and they have split to 4 centres, 1 centre is only taking 1 so not worth sending in. I cancelled the shipment and re did it last night and came up to more places.
I’ve had nothing but trouble with the last shipment I sent, think it’s more hassle than it’s worth…


Yes it’s the FBA Inventory placement program. in the states.

update - in the EU it’s FBA Premium Placement Programme.


I was thinking about it a while ago, but we had just 100-150 lines we needed it for, not the 3000 we have in total. This has to be for ALL of your inventory, may have change, but at the time is was all or nothing


Yes, that would be unnecessarily expensive paying fees on all lines.
Maybe they will as stated in the above link …
modify the terms and conditions that apply to the Premium Placement Programme:crossed_fingers:t2: