All Offers Display (AOD) launching to help you compare offers


We are excited to announce the launch of a new way to compare offers on Amazon with the All Offers Display (AOD). The new experience will replace the Offer Listing Page (OLP). On desktop, this change makes it easier for customers to view and compare additional offers without leaving the context of the Search and Detail Page. In the new experience, we have increased the prominence of AOD links on the Detail Page by switching from a link to a button to improve the discoverability of links for customers. On mobile, the updated experience provides customers access to key information at a glance without navigating to a secondary view to see all necessary information.

To learn more about All Offers Display, visit our help page.


The dreaded words " We are excited" :grin:


One word - dreadful. At least before you could see at-a-glance the ships-from country for all sellers of the item, thus ignoring all those coming from outside UK, for example. Now you have to click on each seller’s name to go to their profile to check their address. How is that an improvement in the buyer experience? Of course, this is Amazon, so if it ain’t broke, we will meddle with it


How do I turn it off?


You don’t! And more to the point, your customers won’t.


I wrote to seller support to say it was awful and asked how I could turn it off. I didn’t really expect a sensible reply and they have written back asking for screenshots.

I didn’t expect them to do anything I just felt I needed to give some feedback.


Felt it was better when the Filter was top of the page in a more prominent position
Customers could then track like for like deals
Now the filter has moved down the page and is less prominent
Less offers"above the fold"so if you are not in the top couple of offers then less likely to pick up sales.
Also " Fullfilled by Prime " prominent box has vanished and Amazon Prime and Seller Fullfilled Prime have been combined
These in combination with reduced storage limits would point this in the direction of amazon wanting more sellers to deal with their own pick pack and post