Amazon account been deactivated and limited access to Amazon selling services


Hi there,
Could you please advise me why I have limited access to Amazon selling services since 18sep2020 despite providing all the required documents.
I am also surprised by an email on 13JAN2021 that on my request you have cancelled my pro merchant subscription. which obviously o never cancelled.
Its been a struggle for the past four months and still it’s is to sort Amazon account.
I can understand the covid situation has impacted every organisation but this is unacceptable for 4 months wait. My inventory is standard in warehouse affecting my cash flows and cost me additional rental cost and on top of that the mental stress .it’s seems like selling on Amazon is impossible. I am thinking about hiring amazon professional or attorney to sort that out for me.

zain Abidin


Whilst I agree it is a long time to wait, you should not have purchased any stock on the basis of starting an Amazon account until you were verified. There are literally hundreds of similar cases to this here. You apply for an account, you get fully verified then you look at stock purchase because if you do it the wrong way round, it can get very expensive, as you have found.

The first thing to check is that all of your documents that you supplied match your application exactly and when I say exactly I mean, to the letter. The slightest discrepency, spelling mistake, use of an abbreviation etc will render your verification unauthorised.

Hiring an “attorney” (we have solicitors here, it’s not the USA) will be a complete waste of your money, on top of what you are already spending. Check your application, to the letter. It’s probably a good thing too that your pro account has been cancelled because you would have been paying £30 a month on top of what you’ve already paid, for absolutely nothing at all.

It is repeated here, time and time and time again. Before you start selling here, you start reading here:


It is interesting if they are doing that now for new sellers whose accounts are taking a long time to be verified.
They have maybe realised that they are having to refund hundreds of fees, which will all be taking up precious admin time which could be better used getting the accounts verified !


Have you checked your account info and notifications for any messages you may have missed? Did the documents you sent in, need to be notarised? Have you chosen the correct legal entity?
There are so many possible reasons why your account has not been verified.


I am facing a similar issue. my account has been deactivated since December because of secondary user verification. one thing I fail to understand why in the first place Amazon has permitted me to sell if the secondary user wasn’t verified? now my inventory sitting in Amazon WH and I’m not able to sell. that is utterly disgraced.