Amazon account blocked, VAT validation ignoring, can't transfer funds


Dear Amazon VAT number appeals team, I’m writing regarding case RE:[CASE 5496242012], RE:[CASE 5474362082], RE:[CASE 5470077652]. The thing is that I was asked to provide VAT number to reactivate it, which I have successfully done and VAT number was confirmed. Also, I have received letter from Amazon VAT number appeals team RE:[CASE 5482331632]:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, Thank you for enrolling into the VAT Calculation Service. Your enrollment has been approved and your account has been activated for this service as of the 23 August 2019.

Everything is fine with my VAT number. It’s confirmed and approved, it matches my seller legal name and fits all Amazon requirements.

However when I try to reactivate my account Seller support keeps sending me the same message:

Hello, Under the United Kingdom Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation, sellers must obtain VAT registration numbers from non-UK businesses that store products in the UK. Learn more about how this policy may affect you here:… To reactivate your selling account, please upload your VAT number to Seller Central here: After you upload your VAT number, we will validate the information. This process may take up to 10 business days. If you would like to appeal the outcome of the validation process, please email Learn more about this policy on our site:

As you may see, this is some kind of misunderstanding from Amazon’s end. I have done everything they asked. Now I want you to confirm my VAT number and reactivate my account and transfer my funds from unavailable balance to the bank account.


Having your account still in a suspended status following a successful appeal is nothing unusual.

I would suggest you to e-mail and include a screenshot of the validation notice, requesting them to activate your Seller Account.