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Hope you are well.

Has anyone ever used an external agency or company to do there Amazon Ads? We feel very nervous giving anyonce access to the account from reading all the horror stories on here about accounts been linked and suspended.

Also, can anyone recommend a company for Etsy Ad management?




I’m sure there are some very good agencies out there - I’ve never used any so can’t speak from experience.

Why don’t you learn about PPC & do it yourself? It takes time and effort but it’s not that difficult and far more rewarding than just palming it off to someone else (at a cost - which could be spent on advertising).

Just make sure you have (in no particular order):

  • take the time to generate & analyse your keywords
  • set out a scheduled plan e.g. how long you’re going to run the campaign for (you might not get results overnight and you need historical data to fine-tune your end campaign(s))
  • set a budget & keep to it. start off small and work up if you’re not getting impressions
  • monitor daily
  • be patient

There’s a lot more but these are just a few pointers.

It may seem a little daunting but take yourself out of your comfort zone and learn this side of the business - you’ll be happy you did.

Just one other thing to consider. Everyone thinks they need PPC when a lot of the time they don’t. People hear from the gurus on YT that you have to do it - and everyone who listens to these people think they need to in order to succeed.

Look where you are organically in the search results - and determine if you need a step up the ladder or not for any particular keyword.

I only use PPC when I launch one of my own brands just to get it visible but only run for a short while. Occasionally I’ll rerun if I need to give sales a boost.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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