Amazon advising customers shipment is late or lost despite having been delivered?


Hi all.
Amazon are advising customers that their orders may be late or lost despite the item having been deivered AND that delivery information being available on the platform.

I have asked a customer what happened and he advised that he was told by automated phone call.

Some customers are honest and true, the majority just try it on and ask for a refund!

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Every single day we get a customer asking for a refund because of this. About 3% of our orders that are sent out with Royal Mail 24 with 2D tracking. We show them the tracking and that the item was delivered 4/5 weeks earlier and 99% never respond again.

They are usually rude as well, such as “refund now” or “not arrived - scam - send replacement” etc.

Even on my personal Amazon account I can see items that saying I can ask for a refund now, despite the order arriving a month ago. :slight_smile: