Amazon are doing everything they can to keep my money without reason


I joined Amazon on 17th June, listed my first product.
Sold out in 1 day. I then ordered 500 more, sold in 3 days. During that time i was asked to verify ID, my listing was removed then reposted after checks.

I was told my money is being held pending these checks, passed all and continued selling. Next day account is limited, when asked why i was told its a random system check and was again unrestricted.

Payday arrives, i recieve £0, i asked why and was told i must wait 7 days after estimated delivery date, i said thats cool, next payday is 15th July. Again it shows i ak due to recieve £0. I contact Amazon and explain i am past the 7 days now, its 13 days. I am told i must wait 7 days past the EDD, i then proceeded to contact Amazon 7 more times before i finally get an answer.

He tells me there is no reason why i have not received my money and technical team are working on a fix because he is weirdly unable to do anything on my account, tomorrow this will be settled. I wake up and get an email telling me i must wait 7 days past the EDD again and case closed.

I now have an email demanding full supplier information and price for my product, provided and accepted.

I contacted amazon again about the 7 day rule and have no matter how much i stress that my orders have gone double past their 7 days they still copy and paste me the same 7 day rubbish. I am not due a payment on 15th July or August 1st.

What can i do?


Just contacted Amazon again and am told i am right, i should of received my money and its been passed onto accounts team but yet again i will get the copy and paste 7 day email shortly, absolutely powerless to stop Amazon.

Now they have my full supplier information and price i expect them to start selling this product and own the market and i will never be paid.


What was the EDD on your earliest orders?


24th June to the 26th June


Have you received any feedback yet? Could be a velocity review?


100% velocity review new seller lots of sales in short time.They are doing further checks on your account,you just have to wait.


Wait till you start selling outside UK. Estimated delivery (decided by Amazon, not us), is a month after dispatch. You’ll start seeing ads for Amazon Loans on your dashboard soon…


I have received 1 customer review, 5 star.


Look at it from Amazons point of view - a new seller, sells 500plus items in a few days, one review (albeit a 5 star). They need to check you out so are conducting an account review which means holding onto your money for a while in case of reports of none delivery or other problem from your buyers.

A waiting game I’m afraid…


If i am under a velocity review, shouldnt they tell me this?
Secondly how long can 1 expect to wait for payment.

I have another 1200 stock arriving tomorrow, im now worried ill sell it all and never get paid


You’ve also had a good early exposure to the support bots.

You can get the same generic, bot-generated response a few times before you actually get a real person to look at the case.

At this point, you would have a tendency to think ‘Great, it’s all going to get sorted now’. Then what happens is that, for a reason I cannot fathom, the bot picks it back up again and responds with the same generic nonsense as you started with.

I have found that if I use the phrase ‘useless, automatic responses’ in one of my messages then this tends to get past the bots - although this tends to be after a week of to and fro and a loss of half of my hair, so it may be coincidental.


I thought that, i have been kinda relentless in getting an answer, live chats, calls and emails hourly lol


Everytime you chase you will get sent to the back of the queue evidently - I would suggest you just give them some time - there is no set time limit but chasing has the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve.


I also just started selling back in April. Sold decent amount of items in the first few weeks and was also waiting for my money.

Turns out that for new sellers, they withhold the amount for around a month and after this you will get it after a week after the item has been delivered.


I have just spoke with them again, i was told Accounting, Technical and management has looked into this and nobody knows why, my account is in good standing but funds are impossible to release and nobody on any level can release them and now on shore billing is looking into it.

They all claim i should of been paid by now.


yep it smacks of velocity review you are to successful to quickly as daft as this sounds


All wrong, i got my answer, i was over the 2.5% cancellation rate at the start of my account, Seller Performance never removed the hold, they are removing it now and money will be released.


glad you sorted it did seem like a classic case of velocity review though given the evidence


Sad but very true. It’s like being back in primary school and we are all naughty boys and girls in the teachers/Amazon eyes :smile:

Good to hear you got issue sorted now.


Don’t list the new inventory until this has been resolved. Amazon need to work better with sellers. If they have to do checks, they should not hold back your funds.