Amazon are doing everything they can to keep my money without reason


Check it everyday… really appreciate your help. It’s a little daunting at the moment.


It is at first and even years on you still worry when something goes wrong lol


Nothing, get used to it.

Amazon withhold a reserve and then release AFTER, every two weeks effectively holding about a months sales. Absolutely nowt you can do about it.

In theory you can hit the request payment button every day for the amount in excess of your reserve but it wouldn’t be wise.

Suck it up, welcome to amazon selling.


@Bits_and_Bob why would hitting reserve not be wise?
We can release every 24hrs and do so, we usually have around a weeks worth of sales sitting in the account at amazon sometimes a little higher if one week has been higher such as EOM and seasonal.

But releasing is benificial for us as its a constant revenue, I suppose of we were only selling a few items a day then it may be pointless.


Now wait till suddenly Amazon start selling the same item itself …


sorry I think you misstyped the question but I can get the gist of what you are asking.

“why would hitting reserve not be wise?”

As far as i’m aware there’s no getting around having it. I assume you mean release funds in excess of the reserve.

From what I’ve read, amazon doesn’t like you hitting that button every day. I would be doing it every day routinely like I need a coffee every morning if I didn’t think it negatively affects your account. So I just let it disburse “naturally”.


@Bits_and_Bob If Amazon did not want us to have it the option would not be there but why should they incur interest on peoples money if you look at it another day - we disperse usually 4 figures every day and it means we have not got a load of cash tied up in amazon ontop of our stock at FBA so its the best option for us I suppose if your not doing much in sales then yea I would get why you would just leave it if it was only a few hundred.


After all of that they have deleted my case without any response whatsoever, Seller performance has not responded either, I am completely in the dark about why i am not allowed my money

My account is in good standing i am told, all departments told me my money should be with me but not one department can manually release it.

I have been an amazon customer for 11 years and a seller for 1 month, based on that 1 month i will never purchase anything on Amazon again and i will wait til the end of the month before proceeding with next step.


For sure your scale does factor into it. It wasn’t a problem before but now I dispurse 5 figures “naturally”. I’ve also noted that the larger the figure the longer it takes to land into my account. Yes, I would love to hit that button everyday as much as I love and need a morning coffee.


Amazon automatically hold back the first payment to a new seller for several weeks after the last EDD (estimated delivery date) on the first orders, to make sure that the seller doesn’t withdraw all the money and disappear before all the complaints about non-receipt/wrong goods/faulty goods etc come in, that Amazon themselves would then have to refund. It’s nothing personal and you just have to wait


What you’re experiencing is normal. Everyone gets paid naturally after roughly 4 weeks unless you have an account predating a certain time. They are not withholding your money (they do withhold a reserve) in the sense you’re not being treated unfairly in relation to more established sellers.

You have to just put up with it mate or… give up. You’re not going to convince them to change how it works. Once your account is more established you will be able to manually disburse every day in excess of the reserve. The reserve will change over time as you scale and perform.


My funds are slowly being released now but since giving them my supplier information Amazon are now selling a similar product at a price nobody can compete with.