Amazon ATS is broken


Hi, we are regularly creating ATS shipments but the latest batch have received in the UK despite having paperwork via AVASK all complete! It’s incredibly frustrating spending ALOT of time and ALOT of money to use the service and Amazon just freak out and log the boxes against the the UK inventory. The ATS department is not operating as they should.

Is anybody else experiencing huge issues with ATS?


Yep - same here. Where have you got to with it so far? I spotted it yesterday - 2 consignments totalling 2500 items (1 early October and 1 sent on 12th), both had all the correct paperwork generated etc and should have gone to France, but booked in to UK on 18th October.
I know they’re looking at it (Avask) - but have no idea of what the possible outcome or resolution is. We can’t now send any more products until we know. Huge issue and monetary loss, and just waiting…


I have asked AVASK to investigate and I have attempted with Amazon and things go nowhere. ATS staff mmembers do not answer their emails either.

We also suffer from a HUGE lack of space in the French Warehouses, about 7 days of stock it equates to, and when the process takes a few weeks and we get huge errors from Amazon ATS staff on this it is almost impossible to sell in the EU, AGAIN!


I’ve not contacted Amazon directly, purely because there is absolutely zero chance of getting an answer - and it just ends up getting me even more wound up.

We just need some sort of update - no matter what it amounts to. Having absolutely no idea when this may be sorted out or how is not an option. Do we send more on the basis that they won’t move it? Do we assume they move some or all? Just a bloody mess. Which is very unwelcome when it’s hard enough to keep sales up and running at the moment.


My plan of action is continue to flag it with AVASK becuase they of course have adirect line in to Amazon on this topic and can flag the general issue. But you are correct the chance of Amazon lifting the stock back out of the UK once unpacked and sending it to France is zero. I am going to plan to just send more to France. But limits are ridiculously low its an impossible tight rope to get stock in there and Amazon errors like this truly make it almost impossible.


It’s two pronged at the moment. I hold very little hope of the stock that’s gone wrong being sorted - but until I’ve heard something about why this occured, I don’t want to risk sending more to France. What if it’s some sort of system issue which could mean it would happen again?!
There’s then the issue for us of having to pull thousands of items out of UK stock to re-send to France - the cost and time implication. I’m really hoping they can do something…


been sending roughly 1 parcel a week via Avask ATS to Germany over the last month or so without issue so far


Unfortunately at some point in the last 2 weeks it went wrong for parcels into France and they ended up all going into the UK. No idea how many people it affected, what they can or will do about it or whether it was a one-off.

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