Amazon blocked my account ( help!)


I am new on Amazon, joined 3 weeks ago.

I have been selling a few products on eBay and now I switched to Amazon, quite successfully!
So orders were coming through very nice, and at some point amazon blocks my account
saying that I don’t have enough feedbacks from buyers in order to continue selling!!!

I have tried to explain that not all buyers leave feedbacks and I also contacted the buyers several times
in order to get a feedback from them but it didn’t work.

I really need help because Amazon is NOT responding to ANY of my messages, emails and when I call them they say they will get back to me soon.

Yes sure but how soon? it’s been over 10 days that I can’t sell on Amazon and I have sent over 20 emails
without a SINGLE reply from Amazon!!!

This is absurd because all my funds are locked in Amazon and they just don’t want to reply!!!


Can you please post your suspension notice here so it can be assessed and assistance may be forthcoming :slight_smile:


If you were suspended for this “Your current sales volumes are not supported by buyer feedback or an established sales history. As a result, we are reviewing your seller account.“, the only way how to get reinstated would be to submit an appeal with the following information:

  • How long you’ve been in business
  • The sources of your inventory
  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon
  • The availability of items for shipping
  • The address of any retail locations
  • Links to other websites where you are actively selling
  • Tracking information for recently shipped orders

You must have processed a suspiciously high amount of sales as a new seller if they want to see proof, that you are a genuine business. When reviewing these appeals, Amazon is usually very strict. I have rarely seen new sellers with no selling history, who passed this review.

Answer the tasks as best as possible. Don’t say that you have been in business since you registered your seller account or that you source inventory from eBay, thrift stores or garage sales. If you don’t have a retail location, just put there your own address. And the link to other websites part needs to include your own website - if you don’t have one, make it.

When you are suspended, every e-mail is counted as a separate appeal. And you have a very limited number of attempts. You need to stop contacting them like this or they may not reply at all.


Yes, Amazon limited seller sale rate. As one new seller, if you have not enough feedback and sale grow too fast, Amazon will stop you account for reviews.

Don’t worry, when your order delivery and customer leave feedback for you, it’s easy to reinstate it again.

Before that, you can also try to provide your tracking numbers to confirm that you already shipped them. Anyways, Amazon just avoid any possible fraud actions.


Actually, this happens to almost every seller.
The accounts have a stepped limited sales volume, once you hit it, the account will go under review and you will be cleared for the “next level”. This usually takes a couple of days - Nothing to worry about (assuming the account details are correct), flooding them with emails will not help.

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