Amazon blocked my listing and now selling my stock


In my eyes this is blatant theft and i would be reporting this. definitely speak to a solicitor, have you tried emailing the md? you might get further than seller support as they dont really carry any weight when it comes to resolving issues.


what is md? I send email to,


This is odd that the stock quantities are not being reflected.

During a short suspension on Amazon UK, Amazon then started selling one of my products on the UK. I knew that they were doing this as the product was custom made by the brand for me. They would buy from my active listings on another EU platform to fulfill their orders for any from Amazon UK. This would obviously create an order which doesn’t appear to be the case for you.

Is Amazon selling at an inflated price?

Also is there much activity on this ASIN on the FBA report inventory adjustments?


OMG. Thank you so much for this info. Just checked my all orders and yes, Amazon buying from me at DE and selling in UK. At least I know now that I will get pay for all sold products.

Why customer support can’t answer these questions. They useless.

So now need to sort listing blocking issue. Not the best time to block the listing for our top product :smiley:


For reference you can opt out of the global exports programme by going to settings -> Fulfillment by Amazon -> Under the “FBA Product Barcode Preference” section there is an option labelled “Allow Amazon to buy my products to sell globally:” along with this link: Link
Which explains all about how it works.

One interesting thing to note as well is that Amazon can actually sell your product cheaper than you and still make money. So they can under-cut you on your own listing, which is awesome because the customers get cheaper prices, raising the sales rate but you still get the full amount.
i.e. you have something listed for £10, they can sell it for £9, purchase it from you at £10 and still make money on it since there’s at LEAST £1.50 fees on that purchase… Which go back to Amazon.


Thanks for info. Didn’t know that. Now thinking what better to do. As I know that Amazon will pay for sold units so probably I will let them buy from me.


That’s good to hear this is what is happening and they aren’t stealing your stock - although they are probably adding an additional margin on to your DE pricing.

This is one reason I rarely buy from Amazon directly now.
Amazon suspended temporarily me from the UK as they “determined” my product was counterfeit - it was genuine. Amazon then was selling the exact same product they believed and “determined” was counterfeit as genuine with customer service saying I could trust that it was genuine because Amazon only sourced goods from trusted suppliers.

As a customer now - I do not know if when I am buying something Sold by Amazon - did Amazon really source that product or are they simply reselling some other persons stock where they haven’t even verified the authenticity or they have “determined” it counterfeit and are selling it anyway.


There’s little-to-no reason for you to disable the option and as I said above even when they compete with you on the same listing you’re still gaining from it.


Yes they selling my product with additional margin. That’s why I though that they taking my product and later gonna pay me, but customer support told that amazon have them own stock :smiley: They don’t know anything…


Let say amazon gonna leave my listing blocked. I cheeked I can’t send new inventory of this product. After all FBA stock will be sold, can amazon buy directly from merchant on DE marketplace? Or they buying only FBA stock? As if my listing will stay blocked I won;t be able to send new inventory and refill.


You could send inventory directly to a European fulfillment center, besides this it shouldn’t be TOO hard to get your listing reinstated, just usually takes a bit of time.

As far as I’m aware Amazon only use FBA stock for this programme.


I’m using EAN. So all stock held in UK only. Right now making all VAT registrations in all 7 EU countries and soon gonna roll in in to the PAN Europe. So Amazon buying from DE, but stock is in UK so they don’t need to ship product from DE to sell in UK. :slight_smile:


Maybe you should consider increasing your selling price in DE to make up for loss of sales in UK


done this straight after find out where was the problem :slight_smile:



nothing new, Amazon does whatever they want. Seller never wins , will never win
We get 4/5 refunds everyday and product doesn’t even come back half of the time. Too much running around and stress chasing customer, but they get their refund within 2 minutes.
Recently took down 6 fast selling listings from Amazon , SFP (Seller Fullfilled Prime) , can’t do it anymore
have to think about new ways of selling, FBA/FBS ain’t working, One customer’s return was authorised after 133 days and it’s a baby mattress (which has been used , it’s been peed on and don’t get me started) absolutely speechless …


FWIW IMHO: Amazon have blocked you for some reason - I hope you get it sorted.

However, to ensure positive customer satisfaction for what is clearly an in-demand ASIN, they are buying it from you via Amazon World Imports from your FBA stock (DE marketplace) and then selling the item on the UK marketplace so that UK marketplace buyers do not miss the opportunity to purchase an in demand item just because a current seller is blocked.

The customer is non the wiser i.e. I want that item from Amazon - I buy it and I get it.

From what I understand, Amazon World Imports will be buying from you at your DE marketplace price so your desired profit should still be the same.

Your DE stock levels will start showing as depleted. Therefore perhaps you should ensure that your DE stock does not run out!

Good luck.


I am getting tired of posts like this, even though I feel sorry. Why are you surprised? You came to participate in this gamble - “partnering” with amazon.
This whole attitude towards 3rd party sellers is not going to end well…


If I read this correctly you reported another seller through brand registry for selling on your listing and succeeded in having them (and yourself) removed, is that correct?

If yes then there is a good chance that Amazon have blocked you from the listing in error, it has happened to me in the past where I have reported other sellers through Brand Registry and ALL sellers have been removed from the listing including me, when this has happened to me I have contacted brand registry support (link is in the brand registry backend) and had my offer on the listing I created reactivated within 24 hours once the proof has been shown to them.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

PS. Where are all the anti-dropshippers moaning about Amazon themselves drop shipping and them being the lowest of the low, spawn of the devil etc etc? :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

Before you say it’s only FBA stock they are doing this with, that doesn’t matter, they are buying from another company/seller (as a customer) and reselling to their own customers, that is called Drop Shipping :wink:


Yes that’s exactly what’s happened. I reported another seller in IT marketplace by my listing has been blocked in IT and UK marketplaces.

UK listing already active. Just left to sort our with IT. I new it that they blocked my by mistake as I didn’t do anything wrong. But due to this mistake I’m losing money…

Brand registry said they can not unblock my listing and I need to contact done this on Monday and they unblocked my listing only in Friday.