Amazon, Brexit, Category Approval and EU Labelling Requirements



Frustrating situation with Amazon at present.

This involves Beanies manufactured by TY (Genuine Item)

Pre - Xmas happily listing and selling these sourced from authorised UK Wholesalers as recommended by TY reps themselves at a UK Trade Show.

Xmas selling requirements come in, in the Toys and Games category.

Approved to sell in Toys and Games as per the email informing this.

Restrictions come in and find that TY are Blocked Unless FBA.

This it is discovered is an Amazon Glitch and a workaround is published on the forum.

This works for a few days and then again blocked.

Contact Seller Support who check account and say yes you are approved, please wait 24-48 hours for block to be lifted.

This fails to materialise and to be honest, couldn’t be asked to keep chasing them.

January, Holiday restrictions for Toys and Games are lifted so go to check my TY listings to find still blocked.

Clicking Edit then brings a blue screen stating you cannot sell Refurbished!!

Eh, I have never sold refurbished, all items are New from the Wholesalers.

Another buttons says to Request Approval?

Why? Everything was fine until Blanket Holiday Restrictions kicked in.

Requested approval and provided Invoice, Photos etc including that showing TY’s UK contact address in Portsmouth and the stitched label which shows the TY location in the USA.

Rejected due to not having label with a European address.

Ahem, so Amazon thinks that Portsmouth with a PO postcode is not in Europe!

Well, right now it is, but in 2 weeks time when Brexit kicks in (allegedly), then it won’t be!,

Resent the relevant images again showing the address within ‘Europe’ but awaiting Amazons response.

But in reality, Amazon’s insistence on EU labelling regulations and having a European address becomes murky after 31 January as technically the UK will no longer be part of Europe, so where does this leave us regarding this scenario.

Splitting hairs I guess but can Amazon insist on the UK having a European address on labels when we are no longer anything to do with Europe.

Seller Support agents in far flung exotic locations probably aren’t even aware of this impending departure from Europe, so their stock answers and cut & paste responses will need updating to take this into account.

This is all very time consuming to take photos of every side of a product and it’s packaging and all the required and legitimate labelling details, for Amazon to believe that Portsmouth in the UK is not in Europe!,

This is supposed to a professional mega company is it not?

Grrrrr rant over.


I’m all for leaving the EU with Brexit, but wasn’t aware we had also voted to leave Europe :rofl:
Can we relocate to somewhere warmer and drier?


Do you think that Amazon & its bots know the difference? :smiley:


I’m wondering where Portsmouth will be in two weeks time [if Brexit happens] if it won’t be in Europe anymore :thinking:

@Inajiffyuk I’m laughing with you, not at you btw :smile:
IYour post was a self confessed rant rather than a query so hope you don’t mind the lack of a serious response, but no one really knows how Amazon will handle Brexit yet…


My bad, not making the distinction clearly between Europe and the European Union.

It was just a rant at the frustration of back and forth submissions to Amazon whose overseas Seller Support Agents are of the belief that Portsmouth is not in Europe!!

Anyway, all well that ends well and Category Approval was eventually received, but really for a Mega Professional Company the farcical hoops that Sellers have to jump through for the simplest of matters is incredulous and quite sad really.

Selecting pre-prepared responses or cut and paste replies based on trigger words rather than reading and understanding the body of communication is very poor.