Amazon Brexit Update - German/French Freight Forwarder Recommendation


Hi All,

As Amazon has announced that UK will no longer be part of Pan EU FBA or EFN programme from 1st Jan 2021 due to Brexit hard border checks, we are now looking to import directly into Germany/France for our EU sales. I have following 2 questions:

  1. Which of the EU countries is cheaper/easier to import into from China? Most our sales are in Germany and France but we want to continue as Pan EU FBA so I suppose we could choose any Pan EU FBA country to import into?
  2. Any good Freight Forwarder recommendation for Germany/France who know how to ship into FBA warehouse?



Being based in France I think it is an opportune moment for me to seriously consider diversifying and setting myself up as a Freight forwarder. :truck:
It could be quite lucrative and may be worth further investigation.
:wink: lol