Amazon can't find delivered shipment with 3 pallets, 828Kg and 2000+ units


Good morning everyone,

We’re having lots of problems lately with Amazon taking months to receive PCP pallets.

This one is very weird. It was accepted for delivery on the 30th of October, they counted a grand total of 2 units! And then proceeded to sit on it for 15 days.

Today the shipment becomes eligible for investigation but I’m getting something that I haven’t seen before that does not let me investigate the shipment:

Has anyone encountered this before? What can I do?


No not seen that one.

Have you tried to open a case?

I’m having multiple issues with pallets going missing on their way to/and at Amazon recently.

Could it be that they’ve put your pallet into an external overflow storage somewhere? That’s what has happened to one of mine. Not sure why they’d just scan two items though and no others if this was the case.


It does not let me open a case, not sure why. If I try seller support they will probably be as useful as always.

I have other weird shipments where they’ve received all ASINs apart from one, that one becomes eligible for investigation in a couple days so I’ll post the update here.

How did you find this out?


I contacted Palletonline who contacted the carrier Palletline who told them that Amazon had requested that my shipment was diverted to an external storage facility. I’ve got screenshots of messages between Palletline and Amazon saying that my pallet is in storage (not a fulfillment centre) and has been there since Sept 22nd.

However seller support refuse to acknowledge this as the BOL was not stamped by Amazon.

I’ve no idea if anyone still knows where my pallet is, when or if it will ever be moved back to a fulfillment centre.

I do know that if it never goes back to the fulfillment centre, making a claim from Amazon will be virtually impossible because the BOL wasn’t stamped and therefore computer says no.

Who did you send it with?


Never had any issue with UK warehouses but I heard from Regional Express that it might takes weeks before Amazon checks in the items in EU.

I do experince quite a lot ‘found item’ issue though


Amazon’s PCP, so Kuehne + Nagel.

I’m tracking it down with them to see if I can get the BOL.


Sadly this is UK.

I just cannot comprehend how they scan 2 items out of 2.2K and call it a day for 15 days straight.


Just got the POD from K+N, signed by Amazon accounting for all three pallets.

I’m putting together all the invoices because it was a mixed shipment.

Will update on how this goes.


It’s because it only just closed. Wait until tomorrow and you will be able to create a case.


Had the same situation. Waited and opened a case. Received this reply -

_Upon checking, I see that the shipment has not been received.

Kindly note that as there are high frequency of shipment arriving our fulfillment center, it is taking more time to check-in the shipment and add the units to your inventory.

I was able to verify that the shipment contents are being scanned and added to your inventory. While in this stage, we cannot conclude if there is any missing/extra units as this can still update._


The case was closed and I was unable to add to the case. Also unable to launch a new case on the same shipment number.

That was 2 weeks ago. Shipment is still closed, zero units received.


Do you have the POD?


Yes, supplied the POD.

Still trying to work out how they can say the contents are being scanned when they also say they didn’t receive it.


You will be able to open a case soon. There’s usually a 24 hour gap between the shipment being closed and when they can investigate missing units. That ‘automatically closed’ message will appear until then.

I have had the situation wheere 1 or 2 items are booked in and then nothing for days. I’ve always suspected that it helps their ‘metrics’ to start booking in soon after delivery even if they don’t continue and finish until days (or even weeks) later.


Try creating a new case directly from the help tab instead of the shipment.


@PMA Tried that before, but when I try to submit it, it asks me to enter the shipment number and then sends me back to the start of the contact us process.

To get around this I had to open a case with ‘issue not listed’ in order to submit it.

Now waiting for a response.


SO… after chasing this missing shipment (twice) that Amazon has marked received… I have been asked for the following…

‘In order to further our investigation into this shipment, please provide the sales invoice for all the units with all missing FNSKUs sent with this shipment and in all the shipments 6 months prior to this one.’…‘we request you to provide us the scanned copy of the original invoice in PDF format.’

Since we are the manufactures (and sole supplier) of these SKU’s to Amazon FBA UK, supplying sales invoices isn’t possible and they already have the details of all shipments.

So basically… Your pallet is in transit, your pallet has been received by us, we are entering it into stock, prove you sent us a pallet, yes we have it, ok… we are not so sure now, send us the invoices for everything you sent us in the past 6 months.


I had to send invoices as well for the shipment but I’m not sure how you’d do that if you’re the manufacturer.


Well, I replied that we were the manufacturer and sole supplier for these SKUs for Amazon FBA UK, and that according to the Daily Inventory History there should be no inventory in that depot anyway.

Will have to wait and see if that sufficient.


Just been asked to provide invoices for everything sent in the last 6 months too, what a nightmare.

I feel like they couldn’t care less about the problem itself, they just want the information and this is an excuse to get it, wouldn’t be the first time they use it to poach suppliers and compete against you.

If they really cared it’s as simple as looking for 3 huge pallets from where they allegedly took 4 units out of.


To provide invoices as the manufacturer, you just need to provide an invoice from the manufacturing dept, to the sales dept, or something along those lines.

You should also be able to provide if requested, invoices for the raw materials.