Amazon: Christmas sales soar as other retailers struggle


I wouldn’t advise to make one removal order for 200 books at a time… Only amazon will benefit from this…

I tend to create one removal order per ASIN / SKU… This way you can be more confident that Amazon won’t just throw all your books into one large shipping box and damage them.

It costs you no more money to create 200 orders (1 book/item in each) than it does for creating 1 order for 200 items


As Elusive says, keep removal orders relatively small, they tend to come back in dribs and drabs anyway.
Large removal amounts are often overlooked and not given priority as they are cumbersome and time consuming for w/h staff to fulfill.


Let’s face it, the whole catalogue is a mess. What with duplicate listings all over the place and Amazon’s inefficient search engine it’s a miracle anyone finds what they are looking for, probably many don’t and search other outlets.


yep agreed - and there are more chances that Amazon will ship only a few items from a larger removal order and cancel the remaining items… because they are at different FC sites (or other reasons).

Keep the removal orders small and simple… so not to overheat the robots at the FC :rofl:


Thanks for the advice guys, it is highly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Keep checking your keywords as the algorithm keeps changing and in October all my search terms disappeared so I had to add all the keywords also update colours etc.


Yeah ever since amazon decided to sell novelty t-shirts my sales have massively plummeted , oh well as long as amazon are getting a few extra billions thats all that matters right?


Amazon have re-engineered this idea. they have become one of the worlds biggest companies without ever making much of a profit. Not sure whether this deserves a happy or sad emoji::frowning_face:


I’m not so sure about that one. With Jeff Bezos worth about 9billion or something…
That money is coming from somewhere.


One thing I can tell you is that Amazon’s traffic is a long way down on twelve months ago. Interestingly, Etsy is going in the opposite direction. eBay are faring even worse.

Here are some figures from SimilarWeb. They show the number of visits to each site in the previous six month period at the time I checked:

Amazon UK December 2018, 546.11 million. February 2020, 473.33 million = -13.32%
eBay UK: December 2018, 377.1 million, February 2020, 275.45 million = -27%
Etsy: December 2018 215.15 million, February 2020 266.31 million = +23.78%

Obviously Etsy is craft based, I certainly can’t sell my products there but I think it’s obvious that anyone who sells products that do qualify may need to have a re-think about where they put their sales efforts. Amazon UK and eBay are, for the time being at least, sinking faster than an old Grimsby fishing smack. If Etsy ever decide to open up their platform to non-craft related products, I think eBay and Amazon will have a very serious problem on their hands.


My sales aren’t falling they have been going up since I started in 2011


Obviously what you sell depends on a vast array of factors. If you’ve been optimising your products well, adding good items that people really want and marketing effectively, naturally it’s always possible to buck the trend.

Just to delve slightly deeper with the figures produced above, it’s interesting to note that in January 2017, the figure for Amazon was only 369.9M. This means there was a huge growth in the use of Amazon in 2017 and 2018 but it has fallen away sharply since. I suspect this is due to a combination of factors, including a). the growth of competition from sites like Etsy, b). people generally spending less over fears about Brexit and c). the result of a more negative feeling about Amazon’s market dominance among people who perhaps now don’t always go there first to buy online


I don’t do marketing or advertising I just knowwhat to sell as being doing it along time


Shares. You too could be worth much more than your companies book value if you put your business on the stock market and sold shares in it but Amazon as a company has only hit profit twice since conception.


“Amazons Choice” is not based on how much you spend on advertising them… I have a few listings with the “Amazons Choice” badge, but have never paid for any advertising on those ASINS…

I believe Amazon’s Choice is more to do with Alexa / voice recognition search terms.
Can confirm that it’s 100% nothing to do with advertising - unless you count the advertising used to rank higher


And don’t we all wish we had some Amazon shares


… they are called Stock Options…


Whatever they are called…
I wish I had bought some about 20 years ago…:smiley:


Well, they have risen by 21 cents in less than a week. 2012 was the time to buy them if you were looking for a long term investment. Before that, they barely moved.

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