Amazon customer service ask to refund and recharge an old order?!?


Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever got a request like this from the amazon end customer service?

We’ve been contacted by one of our mutual customers regarding an order placed with you.
Below is the information provided by the customer:
Order number: removed
Reason for contact: Payment issue
Details: Customer has been charged from incorrect card so please process a refund and recharge from the different card. Please contact the customer asap.
To respond to this customer, please reply to this e-mail or visit your seller account at the following link:
[link removed]
We hope you’re able to work this out with this customer.
Customer Service Department

As far as I can figure out there is NO WAY for me to do that without refunding her in full and asking her to order the product again which a) means I incur extra fees b) I’m at the mercy of them actually re ordering c) opens me up for an a-z for an order that id mark as dispatched without sending out a product!




That is customer service forwarding on an email to you.
You cannot do that. The only people that can are support.
So I would suggest that you reply to the customer and simply explain that customer service should have told them this.


That’s what I thought! Hence why I’m very confused by that. 0.0


That is purely the customer’s error - they will have been charged from the card that they have registered with Amazon., so if they want another card charged they will need to register that one with Amazon. The payment side of things has nothing to do with you, and there is no way that you can charge from a different card.
It is totally incorrect advice from customer services - they should know that it is only Amazon can process payments.
Yes, you can refund, but that is all.


Can amazon do that directly tho?

Apparently she has got two cards on her account. One for work and one for private and the work card should not be linked to the home address but was incorrectly used by amazon even tho the default card should have been the other.

The customer has been going around in circles with amazon customer service apparently. :see_no_evil:


But there’s nothing you can do, and to be fair it sound like the buyer!s error anyway.

Don’t see Amazon changing it now, in fact I don’t think there’s anyway they could legally.


Ha, sounds like just what a lot of sellers are doing too !

At the end of the day you can do absolutely nothing. Basically she is asking that Amazon refund to the original card and charge the correct card, but ONLY Amazon can do that.
The customer has to sort this out with Customer Services. You just need to explain that to your customer and explain that Amazon are responsible for all the transaction, and you do not have access to her payment account details.
That message from CS shows total lack of understanding on the part of the CS person.


I guess I’ll try and flag this up to seller support tomorrow but not holding my breath they will speak to customer service. :see_no_evil:

And yeah totally unbelievable… especially love the whole I hope you’ll help the customer. Well I can’t!

More worried now that she will do an unauthorised card transaction report against amazon and I’ll get the mark down for that grrrrrr!


It’s not unauthorised though- Buyer has obviously put the card details on Amazon in the first place.

When you place an order Amazon ask you to check the card the payment is coming from before pressing the place order button - or change the payment method. I have 4 cards registered and carefully check they are charging the correct one I wish to pay on.

It’s not unauthorised access if the buyer has willingly put their card details on Amazon.


sellers are NOT held responsible for an unauthorised use of a card - Amazon take the hit so no metric issue.


And what if they leave a negative feedback… even tho their complaint would be against amazons payment system and not me as a seller? -_-


Not much you can do about it. Buyers can leave whatever feedback they like. If they mention paying with an unauthorised card in the text then you may get the feedback striked out.

Only thing you can do is politely send them back to Amazon stating that all queries in relation to card payments must only be dealt with by Amazon directly.

Hopefully when the customer contacts Amazon again the new Support person doesn’t pass the buck back to you again.


It sounds as though the customer is trying to rectify their error - would it work if you asked the customer to reorder and pay with the correct card then transfer the original tracking and then ask for a cancellation request for the original transaction - cancel it - make sure it is documented in messaging - job done - happy customer - positive feedback ?


If the OP’s customer has been charged then that means the order is already marked [and presumably already] shipped so cannot be “cancelled” now.
The buyer could always rectify the payment issue themselves by transferring funds from one of his accounts to the other…


But it could be refunded surely ? - It sounds as though the customer may have used the company card issued by her/his employer and is trying to avoid the repercussions or rectify the repercussions - any way - no such thing as a problem only an opportunity - the problem is finding the opportunity !


If the buyer has inadvertently use a company card to make this purchase then he could always take responsibility for his own actions and admit his error to his boss instead of fumbling around like this…


True Adrian, maybe they have and this is the result - not everyone sees the picture with clarity - If only everybody thought the same - but then life would be boring


Yeah it’s a very unusual one.

Problem Is if I refund the original transaction I am out of pocket for the 20% of the amazon fees and new fees for the new order…

Also seller support advised it’s against amazon selling terms and conditions to refund this order and ask her to place a new order and could result in an account suspension for violation of the T&Cs we all signed…

Apparently the only options are:

Asking the customer to return the item, place a new order and send it out again
Refund her without a return
Tell her that its the customers responsibility to check payment cards.

This is what seller support advised me to resolve this!



This is the option to go for…
As you already noted, the other options would leave you out of pocket.


This is an accounts issue, plain and simple. Amazon accounts dept can easily credit the original card and debit the correct one. This has nothing to do with you, confirm this with customer services.