Amazon customer service ask to refund and recharge an old order?!?


It’s a set of three lunch boxes so luckily not worth tooo much but at the same time with the amount of fees amazon charges would hurt to lose the £10 :see_no_evil:


Oh sorry, I misunderstood.


Personally I believe that if you went along with the plan you would NOT end up with the new payment.
You would end up simply having a returnless refund on your account…


I had seller support confirm to me an email as well that i will get the money back. so if that happens I shall be complaining to the MD… can’t have 2 amazon teams tell me to do something and cause me to be out of pocket. :wink:


Oh well, that’s different then…
In that case you KNOW you won’t get paid :rofl:


For Amazon’s part in the saga I would tell them where to “shove it” as THEY should refund from their funds if they wish to, without involving the seller.

…but as the Buyer appears to be reasonable, I would go with their plan, in the belief that should there be an issue re-charging the customer then Amazon would credit your account (even if it took contact with the MD with copies of the promises etc) - you would then be v customer-centrist as Amazon wish us to be.


She has been very nice the whole time. None of these impatient horrible conversations. Tho she doesn’t sound like she will be using Amazon in the future due to how CS treated her initially. :sweat_smile:


So far no credit back and no contact from the customer to amazon to allow the recharge…

Love how seller support just brushed it off this morning with thank you for supporting our mutual customers but there is nothing we can do


Unfortunately that is as expected…


Are you sure it is actually from Amazon CS?


yes seller support confirmed that.

They have asked me to ask the customer to contact their other department again to recharge the correct card… so i shall message the customer now.

But point is I had two amazon departments tell me to do this and don’t worry you won’t be out of pocket we will sort it. So if they don’t I shall complaint to the MD. It’s only less than 10 pounds but that’s not the point here… they should have sorted this themselves in the backend without even involving me.

Especially after they confirmed that they should have never allowed the customer to purchase with that other card without re-validating the card as said card was never used for the home address so amazon buggered up as it’s against FCA rules on stored cards in accounts. :wink:


So now seller support has changed their story to “the customer never contacted their customer service department”

I will be calling the police and action fraud on Monday… this unbelievable.


So ask them to explain the message you quoted in your first post.


apparently they are now saying that never came from customer service… I have just pointed out that a previous agent said it was from a customer service agent and if it was indeed the customer designing an elaborate scam message via their own portal that they will need to take reputations against the buyer!

It’s sad to say that I start to appreciate the eBay seller customer service which I always thought was horrific… but not in comparison to this!!!


The message in your opening post does appear to be from CS, but was merely them telling you what the customer wanted, not them expressing an opinion on whether you should comply.
Re the tale about the card details, I highly doubt the CS or SS reps have access to the card info to see where any cards are registered to, so take all that with another pinch of salt.
I expect the MD’s office is the only way to get this resolved in your favour.


I had a second message from customer service after the initial one which was this one:

Hello, We’ve been contacted by one of our mutual customers regarding an order placed with you. Below is the information provided by the customer: Order number: removed Item: Sass & Belle Cutie Cat Lunch Boxes - Set of 3 Reason for contact: Payment Card mix-up. Details: <b> **************************** ​Hello Katzenworld Shop, My name is Aidan from Amazon’s Buyer Support team. We have been contacted tonight, Tuesday the 14th, by your customer Removed, regarding this order. Unfortunately, the incorrect payment card was debited for this order. Generally, the only resolution on a seller-order, is for your customer to return the order for a refund. However, we’d like to appeal to you with another solution. If you agree to refund your customer (without requiring a return) Amazon can issue a new charge on your customer’s preferred card, then we can credit your seller-account appropriately. If you agree to this process, please refund the order and let your customer Removed know. Amazon will then work with your customer to process a new charge on the correct card and credit your seller-account. Thank you for your attention. **************************** </b> To respond to this customer, please reply to this e-mail or visit your seller account at the following link: [link removed] We hope you’re able to work this out with this customer. Sincerely, Customer Service Department

I also messaged seller support after receiving this one to ask them if it was genuine and what to do and their recommendation was to go ahead with a refund as a) they can see that the buyer already authorised recharging the new card to customer service and b) if i don’t it could result in an a-z claim on the basis of an unauthorised card charge by the customer.


Adrian - I can hardly believe you wrote that ! ! !

it is CS telling seller to do the impossible because that CS person is very badly trained


You have quoted from two separate CS messages :laughing:
The top one that I referenced did not offer advice, the second one did, but was not the one from the opening post


Based on the 1st one I would have indeed done nothing and even seller support agreed that there was nothing i needed to do after the 1st one.

It was the 2nd one that made them go all high horsed YOU MUST do this and help the customer…

It’s not a lot of money lost but it’s about the principle here… Basically Amazon assisted in a scam or doesn’t know what they are talking about today. Neither of which should be happening with a business like this!!!


The quote in my last post IS from the opening post - hence is the one you refer to.