Amazon customer service ask to refund and recharge an old order?!?


I thought Amazon were pro customer - with the advice given to you by support it hardly follows that philosophy - We all make errors - maybe suggest to the customer to pay the amount in cash back to the card via the bank - at least you would be showing that you were trying to help


Only do what Customer support has asked you do. Do not do anything else, or it may go against you - you know Amazon!

Contact the customer asap. Inform customer you are not permitted to refund AND recharge from a different card as recharging from a different card can only be done by Amazon.

CS is just passing the buck, so pass it back and don’t waste any more of your time.


Told the customer to go back to customer service and customer service has contacted me again advising me to refund and recharge to avoid the risk of an A-Z claim!

Not entirely sure how they even think the customer could do an A-Z claim on this.

I’ll re-open the seller support ticket but assume seller support will tell me again that they can’t talk to customer service and to tell the customer to contact customer service who will send the customer back to me most likely…

This is slowly but surely turning into having to escalate it to the MD team!!! I feel caught in the middle between 2 amazon teams that do not want to talk to each other or can not talk to each other about something that has nothing to do with me whatsoever.


Get seller support to call you back. As they’re being obtuse then be obtuse to them.

When they are on the phone say that you have been ask to refund and recharge the card and ask step by step on how to do that.

I am absolutely certain they will be stumped when they get to the recharge the card bit.


I am guessing that the way Amazon view it is that the payments are ultimately the sellers responsibility - by this I mean that the viewpoint is that you employ Amazon to process payments on your behalf as you would any payment provider.

Therefore any adjustment is down to the seller, the problem is that you can only work within the confines of the automated system available to you.

Personally against all advice I would try and talk it through with the customer and see if a solution can be found either at the customer’s end by transferring the amount to the card or living with it.

Otherwise the customer will eventually give up or lose patience with being passed from pillar to post for what in their eyes is a simple problem to solve. They have not the knowledge or information available to them that you have.

Most customers would be grateful of a human intervention even if the result is that they have to solve the problem themselves - they may believe that they chose the correct card and the system took the money from the wrong card and thus genuinely believe that it is a fault that should be rectified by the seller or Amazon.

How customer service problems were resolved before automation can still apply today.

Yes I know you could get hung drawn and quartered, banned, sliced into pieces, fed to the sharks but I have a genuine belief that human interaction really has it’s benefits.


If only Amazon support saw it in that way…

This whole situation is ridiculous. :frowning:


It certainly is and this is a problem with one glove fits all automated systems


I think it’s at the point of escalating.
CS want you to do something you cannot do. SS won’t speak to CS. Customer is being given the wrong info and is blaming you for it.


Luckily so far from her messages to me she is blaming Amazon only.

And I’ve been very careful in explaining to her that as a marketplace seller we have limited capabilities and not to send me her card details (which she offered to do via amazon messaging…) for any manual adjustment.


You appear to be fortunate with a reasonable intelligent and cooperative customer.

They seem to only be interested in removing the charge on the wrong card. As you have prob done already, you can only advise you have zero access to financial details re the order - Amazon keep all that info strictly confidential. Advise you have made numerous requests for Amazon to assist the buyer, but better still for the buyer to made the demand directly and not be fobbed off with advice that the seller will be contacted.

As long as you stress you are not permitted to make any changes to the payment details whatsoever there is nothing more you can do.


If she raises an A-Z Claim, then you should win, especially on Appeal and MD email if need be.

Buyer is at fault and as far as I know, they are right, you can only accept back a return, refund that, and the Buyer reorder.

I do not think Amazon can charge a diffeernt Card after processing.


I think it’s time to contact the MD with this one. You are being asked to put right something that you can’t correct. It may be that Amazon can’t correct it either since it may initially have been the customer’s own fault but Amazon should not be trying to pass the buck to you. Take the problem to the MD and point out how unhelpful it is for two Amazon departments to give you conflicting advice about how to solve a problem that is none of your making. Good luck!


As others have said the only people who can action a card transaction are the actual people that have sent you this message. I wouldn’t do anything at all. If the customer has used the wrong card (note the customer is at fault and not you!) then they can simply either suck it up and be more careful next time or Amazon C.S can recharge the card for you.

I know C.S can do this as over the years I have had to contact them to get a customer refunded for an item that was suspected INR and the customer has confirmed it was later received and they wished to keep it. On every occassion the C.S agent simply confirmed the customer was happy for the recharge their card by looking at the Amazon messages thread between us and then re-charged the card.

The only difference is the CS agent in this case will know which card was used and which of the stored cards needs to be charged.


Late last night I got another email from CS… the customer CS not seller support…

I find a few things suspicious:

  • the link to where to contact the customer was auto removed?
  • why would amazon ask me to refund and be at the mercy of the customer to contact them again to recharge the card. Why couldn’t they just sort it on their end directly?!?

Hello, We’ve been contacted by one of our mutual customers regarding an order placed with you. Below is the information provided by the customer: Order number: removed Item: Sass & Belle Cutie Cat Lunch Boxes - Set of 3 Reason for contact: Payment Card mix-up. Details: <b> **************************** ​Hello Katzenworld Shop, My name is Aidan from Amazon’s Buyer Support team. We have been contacted tonight, Tuesday the 14th, by your customer Removed, regarding this order. Unfortunately, the incorrect payment card was debited for this order. Generally, the only resolution on a seller-order, is for your customer to return the order for a refund. However, we’d like to appeal to you with another solution. If you agree to refund your customer (without requiring a return) Amazon can issue a new charge on your customer’s preferred card, then we can credit your seller-account appropriately. If you agree to this process, please refund the order and let your customer Removed know. Amazon will then work with your customer to process a new charge on the correct card and credit your seller-account. Thank you for your attention. **************************** </b> To respond to this customer, please reply to this e-mail or visit your seller account at the following link: [link removed] We hope you’re able to work this out with this customer. Sincerely, Customer Service Department


That all looks and sounds VERY suspicious to me - I would NOT be doing this.
2 customers both had ‘wrong’ card charged ? - not on in my book.

I wonder if this is a new type of scam from buyers ? - they contact CS and suggest this.


I read this as being the same customer /issue. Seems to me that Amazon are now taking a more helpful role and personally I would go along with it. (I guess that this is a fairly low cost item and not worth so much stress!).


It’s the same customer as before after I sent her back to customer service.


It’s a set of three lunch boxes so luckily not worth tooo much but at the same time with the amount of fees amazon charges would hurt to lose the £10 :see_no_evil:


Oh sorry, I misunderstood.


Personally I believe that if you went along with the plan you would NOT end up with the new payment.
You would end up simply having a returnless refund on your account…