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Hi folks

We are wanting to branch out into Amazon.DE first, then onto France etc…

Just looking for some guidance in getting started. A couple of things:

I have just tried to list an item on the .DE marketplace but been hit with this “Request Approval” page:

What is a LUCID number and how do we get one?

Also VAT. Is this an easy process or is it best to pay a company over in Germany to sort this all out for us?

Complete newbie to EU Marketplaces so any and all help or links to sites would be appreciated.


Lucid is required for EPR
There are several threads , I’ll dig one out

As for vat , are you planning on storing stock in Germany ?

Tbh, Germany is the hardest to get stock into too

Have you thought about EFN to trial the markets ?



Thanks for that. Whichever is more cost effective really, we currently FBA in UK. So i imagine there are 2 routes to go down?

UK FC into DE FC
Straight to DE FC


There is no UK to DE fc atm (other than pilot invite only scheme))
You either have to PAN EU and send stock to Germany yourself (nightmare route)

Or send stock to another EU FC

Or send direct to customers from UK FCs which is EFN

Are you UK vat registered ?


Yes we are VAT registered. Not in Germany however.

Why is it a nightmare dare i ask lol


Because as well as vat reg in Germany you need an importer of record and fiscal representation


Registration for Germany is a minimum of 2 years too so you may want to test the market first before signing up by selling via EFN instead


Ahhh i see… Maybe Germany not the best ot get started with. Would you recommend France as an “easy” marketplace to get into?


You still need to register for EPR

Have you watched seller university for the difference between EFN and PAN EU


No I haven’t. Probably a good place to start! I’ll try that out


I really would recommend EFN first to test the waters


Please don’t take offence but I really would not sign up for pan eu unless you are 100% sure what you are doing - especially Germany


No i understand that. We’re dipping our toes into this so any advice is welcome!


Then definitely look at efn first :grinning:


This is something that I have been delving into recently.
Initially, I would suggest that you start with EFN.
As has been mentioned, EPR is a requirement for both Germany and France.
If you google it, you will find lots of information about it.
Bear in mind that the FBA charges for EFN are a fair bit higher than standard FBA.
So it does work as a toe in the water, to test out the markets.

When using EFN, VAT is removed from the UK price, then DE/FR etc VAT is added on to the selling price. Amazon then remits this instead of you.
There is also a charge to the customer of 3.99 euros for postage that you do not receive.

If you then decide to go down the route of PanEU, I would suggest that you look at France to import any stock to rather than Germany. Lots of issues with it.
You don’t have to register for all countries to join PanEU, so you could start off with just France and Germany, which are of course the biggest markets.
This of course requires VAT registration for each country you store stock in.
Fortunately the charges for administrating this a relatively cheap if you go through Amazon.

And lastly, there is a very long running thread about Germany etc in the FBA forum (I think). Probably worth a read when you have plenty of time.

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