Amazon Denying Safe - T claims against 1st scan Evri Returns


Hi Guys,

As we’ve seen over the recent months in the UK Evri have been less than great.

When amazon is providing customers with an Evri return label (something we don’t have control over) And refunding them on 1st scan dropping it off at the parcel shop, we were (and still are) under the impression that the contract is between Evri and Amazon. This is not our own contract.

So the issue is, when an item using one of these labels isn’t returned to us, Amazon are denying safe T claims and telling us to raise a claim against the carrier. Though this isn’t something (to my knowledge) that we can do, as the account isn’t ours?

Terms 2.1 for Safe T claims:

  • Orders that were lost or damaged in transit. Instead, you can file a claim with the carrier for a possible reimbursement.

But we are a bit stuck, as we do not hold the Evri account?

Is anyone else having this issue?



Yes everyone. The policy on amazon states lost Evri or Royal Mail returns must be claimed via the courier.

But you already know the problem in that the label is amazons not yours.

You need to attempt to claim via Evri and if they refuse a refund (note it is max £20) send the order details to @Maya_Amazon


There are already a couple of threads about this, and I believe a couple of the Amazon mods are looking into it, and are asking for examples - problem is, I cannot seem to find the thread ?!

@Winston_Amazon @Maja_Amazon


Wish Amazon just removed Evri as a return option for customers.

Does anybody have clear/easy information on how to make a claim with Evri? Tried searching but cannot find definitive steps on what works.

Some months ago went through the live chat bot and after a lot of back and forth got some granted. But recently it seems to round in circles with the bot and says it is logged but never hear again. Tried claiming on our own Evri account using the bulk claims but all rejected as not recognised numbers for our account.


This thread shows how I’ve opened a claim with Evri for Amazon return label A-Z granted on return lost in transit - UK Account Health - Amazon Seller Forums


@anon4017091 Make sure you flag any instances of rejections from Evri with the mods as outlined above. Yes there are workarounds (like having an existing parcel tracking code that Evri lost that isn’t amazon) but hopefully the more cases get flagged - the more someone might actually sort the issue at amazon)


Thanks for that. Shall look to log them.

Complete pain to the process we have though.

Rarely have any RM return go missing or take so long as the Evri ones.

Just to confirm - I have logged with the Mods on a PM.


@osgood @anon4017091 - Evri has developed a Chat bot which should allow all Selling Partners to contact Evri directly ( If that is not the case, please let @Winston_Amazon know (as I am going to be off for 2 next weeks).

(@anon4017091 we already have your case written down, I am just repeating it in order to reach wider audience :slight_smile: )



Hi @Maja_Amazon and @Winston_Amazon we’re fully aware of the chatbot. The problem is, when that chatbot sees its a label on account Amazon MFN Tier 5, and that we as a user are not the owner of the account Amazon MFN Tier 5, it refuses to deal with us.

It would be a little bit like me contacting Amazon trying to claim a refund for an order, but the order number I provide belongs to the account of another customer.


It’s not a good look either to have returns addressed to “Amazon MFN Tier 5” arrive at our business/home addresses. Royal Mail labels show our correct details so why have Evri labels been set up this way?


I know, I am just repeating that to highlight that we can only escalate cases when Evri was contacted but the support was not provided. We can not escalate if there was not an attempt to use the chat bot.


Hi Sam

We have had the same issue with Evri. We had to contact the managing director of Evri to resolve the issue. The process of registering claims wasn’t as easy as you would have expected from a contracted courier program.

Recently we have had the same issue with Royal Mail they are denying the claim for loss because we have no contract with them. As seller we are a third party to a contract but they have not managed to resolve the claims issue for loss.


We managed to get a claim agreed - only for them to frustrate the process by not issuing the refund and then asking for the details a month later… When we replied they Hermes tracking and email address was no longer working on the new Hermes system

Total nuisance

Royal Mail aren’t much better though. They denied us a 1pm Special Delivery claim - because they said delivering it 3 weeks later is good enough.


Sorry but I am getting nowhere with the bot. How do you ever get to actually log or speak to somebody?

Everytime I enter a tracking number it just gives an auto response.

Even if I use for a shipment we sent in the past it will just say it was delivered and to contact the retailer if any issues.


Just take amazon to small claims, as far as the legal stand point is (from what I have been told by a solicitor, its the buyers responsibility to return it but amazon has taken control of it and so assumes the legal responsibility irrelevant of what their T&Cs are


but isn’t that just pointless Maja if you already know the outcome of the system in the first place? more beaurocracy for us small business owners. The chat bot is also crap.

Why can’t you just do away with this stupid system and safe-t claim rubbish to begin with!


Because Amazon want to try and abdicate responsibiltiy (as usual) and put the onus on you.

You should know by now that they always try to make any claims against them as difficult as possible in the hope that you just give up.


I am not defending the EVRI Chatbot as it is totally awful. Takes you round in circles. If you go through the right route though you can get a claim open it just takes patience. I have done it a couple of times.

I do get the Mod’s point of view though with this that they can’t help people or escalate issues if you haven’t followed the correct procedure (however pointless this is).


Telephone 0330 808 5456. You need to enter a tracking number for a label you’ve bought direct from them so beginning with C00HHA (if you don’t have send me a message and I’ll give you one).

Once the automated system tells you the current status it’ll ask if there’s anything else and one of the options is to speak to someone. Once through you tell them you’re ringing about a different tracking number and give them the Amazon one. You then just explain it’s in Amazon’s terms and conditions that we must claim direct from them (Evri). I’ve not had any problems with this but others have.


I have had the same problem as the OP and started a claim saying that I was the sender. Finally started getting emails from and without filling in a claim form I received £20 into my bank account. I wasn’t exactly polite in the emails either. As it’s been said we are in a never ending loop as to who has to put the claim in. The customer is not going to do it as they have had their refund, Amazon aren’t interested and generally Evri don’t want to deal with the seller.
Maybe just bombard that email address with the issues and see what happens.