Amazon Denying Safe - T claims against 1st scan Evri Returns


You should have had the label cost too as they refund a maximum of £20 plus the label cost. Emails can go back and forth which is why I always ring them.


Exactly. Thanks for that @Smiley_Guy


Oh okay, thought you meant on the chatbot. Which I was doing with our own tracking numbers bought direct but had no other options.

Ringing is a pain and unsure if they will be happy to log 5 at once. Shall have to give it a go at some point though if it continues to go this way.


Seems that email address doesn’t work when sending a new message:
Thank you for contacting Evri. This email address is no longer a Customer Service contact channel so if you have a question about a parcel.


Yes, that seems fair enough, but this procedure is plainly wrong

Amazon are buying labels on their account and expecting 3rd parties to deal with queries.


The way this is going, i think this will be around for a very long time untill Amazon are actually taken to court or the relevant authorities go after them for unfair business practices.

This has to fall under that


Just to update you for the Evri claims process. I ended up sending to multiple email addresses at Evri/Hermes to try and get somewhere to log them. It helped - as management called me today to explain I have emailed the wrong account, but also how to start the process.

It seems the chat bot does now work if you log an issue with a parcel. But he said you would have to click sending and not receiving - that would initiate the extra button to then start a claim.

Of course, still not ideal as it is a long process and this will just start the investigation (I suspect ones I now log will be out of the 28 days and an issue for them).


They’re kinda sneaky about that. I use P2G now, but at the start I used Evri direct. I would get the same bounce backs to any email sent to Evri - the usual, this is not a monitored address, etc. BUT later, when I got a response from the CEOs dept after emailing them, suddenly those emails I sent previously started getting replies. They DO get them. They just pretend they don’t. And they DO keep them. As some responses were days or weeks later.

This is part of an email I sent to EvriSupport @ I initiated the email (it wasn’t a reply). From the bottom up, you see their 1st (“no longer a Customer Service contact”) response, then my reply, then as if by magic an actual human reply by email from Evri. Pester, pester, pester until you get somewhere.


it depends on how much hassle it is to you and the value of the item

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