Amazon FBA Ship wrong item


Amazon FBA Ship wrong item to FBA customer.
Customer leaves us negative feedback.
3 cases later and amazon still refuse to remove or strike through the negative feedback.

Is this right ?
Prior to this we have been a 100% seller for years …


It seems to be happening more often than not these days.
What exactly does the feedback state?


States received the wrong sized item and item labelled incorrect! We have sold hundreds never had a problem. And amazon wont remove !


It actually states

“Ordered XS (1.5mm) pellets, received M (6mm) pellets. The box was labelled correctly, a new label with the size I ordered was stuck over it”

Why paraphrase, when it’s important to put the full text?

To be honest, I’m not sure that your going to win on this one.
Unless Amazon label your items for you, then it sounds very like, it’s an error made prior to being shipped to Amazon. Why else would there be an correct label, on a different item?

You can always escalate to the MD but frankly, I doubt that the will remove it.
Your 90 day average is hardly affected and your still at 100% for the year, so unless you get a fair bit more of negatives, then I don’t see the issue.


From experience, this actually does happen with FBA, even when Amazon aren’t supposed to be labelling anything.
I’ve had numerous customers report receiving the wrong item, that have sent photos of the packets where Amazon have labelled over the barcode.
And when recalling the rest of the stock to check it, it’s only been on a couple of items, out of the full batch sent.

In some cases the original label is clearly for a totally different item, and they’ve just covered the barcode.
In others they’ve gone to lengths to cover the entire label with multiple stickers, but I’ve still been able to tell because of the other codes on the packet.

God knows why they’re doing this, and never had any luck with trying to get SS to understand the issue is at Amazon’s side.
Best guess is that it’s just one FC, but never been able to trace it back to any specific one.
Luckily it’s quite rare.


You need to email:

BRIEFLY explain the issue, inform if they label for you, or that they must have relabelled if a returned item resold, etc.

As a FBA item, ask them to ‘strike through’ the feedback. It may still show but does not count against you

Ask them to see how this happened as well, as bad Buyer experience


I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t happen.
However, I would quite happily take a bet, that 9 times out of 10, it’s an error when stock is sent, rather than at the warehouse.
But even so, I don’t believe that the feedback qualifies for removal, even though common sense would say to remove it.

As to escalating to the MD, unless your feedback is really bad, then I really don’t see the point myself.
But that’s a vicious circle, if your feedback is really bad, then there is a problem somewhere… :slight_smile: