Amazon 'flooded by fake five-star reviews' - Which? report


The scourge of fake product reviews now highlighted on todays news, something we’re all fully aware of, yet despite numerous seller highlighting blatant abuse no action is taken.

ASIN: B07KXPMXJK Example Fake reviews all pasted on page 2 all 15th April, the real reviews subsequently after are mainly 1 Star


Yeah I saw this today, it’s been known for years, not sure why it’s news all of a sudden…


What’s more frustrating is the lack of any action on Amazon’s behalf, even when so blatantly obvious and reported by sellers no action is taken. This also being one of the primary fundamentals of the Amazon marketplace, built on Product reviews and Seller reviews but are now flooded with huge numbers of fake reviews for substandard products at the expense of genuine products , brands and Sellers.


I’ve joined a few of the FBA seller groups on facebook, problem seems to be endemic on there, regular requests for reviews going round between members


Amazon said in a statement: “[We] invest significant resources to protect the integrity of reviews in our store because we know customers value the insights and experiences shared by fellow shoppers. We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, ban and take legal action on those who violate our policies.”

Yet Celebrat one of the brands highlighted in this article are still live with hundreds of fake product reviews accross their range.


Amazon will do nothing,more fees for Baldy is all their interested in.


Oh, give Amazon time! They’ve only just read about it after you posted the article an hour ago! They are having top-level meetings (with lots of global Skype calls) to decide what to do about it! They have been completely devastated by this unexpected news! :joy:


If anyone is near a television this is being covered and discussed by Jeremy Vine show on UK Channel 5 in a few minutes. As they have phone ins etc we may get an impression from the general public??


That’ll be interesting any Sellers facing competition in this way should highlight any relevant ASIN’s in the thread, we may actually see some action being taken if Amazon are taking notice - although doubt it!


Celebrat products are sooo obviously fake reviewed, I mean even a 5 year old would see that in two minutes. All bad reviews are verified purchase while all teh hundreds of fake ones are from Joe ans Ashley and such, unverified, even the names are recurring as if they had a software to submit fake reviews fast. Unbelieveable. Funnily I have customers who reorder my products regularly and never leave a raving review, so I am always amazed how those seemingly mediocre or low quality products amass such reviews.


I noticed a large number of duplicate product reviews , yet the bots didn’t pick it up


The key ASIN would be the one you highlighted as it’s alluded to in the article: B07KXPMXJK. If nothing happens to that, surely nothing will happen at all? All its fake reviews are still there.

Both sellers of the item new have just launched, have no feedback, and both are Chinese. Indeed, I suspect they are duplicate accounts dreamed up just for this purpose (though their inventories are not identical, they are close to one another).

One of the sellers is called “fghjdfgjfdj”, which means that its name was hastily invented by someone tapping on the middle row of letters on a keyboard, where all those letters are.


I agree there that brand has to be pulled , if nothing happens there is no hope going forward.



Sorry I’ll comment later. I have to go sit down for a while and recover from this news.


He has a large divorce settlement to fund


And the product Celebrat is still live with the fake product reviews despite the news making headlines on multiple outlets this morning!


Which does make one wonder … both the sellers are brand new sellers, just launched with no feedback, one of them has an utterly ridiculous name, the ASIN is now clearly in violation of policy, now this violation has brought media attention but nothing has happened, because… well, the sellers are Chinese. This is the only explanation available. Amazon permits Chinese sellers to violate policies on its platforms. That’s the price it paid to have an Amazon site in China.

Why else would Amazon allow two completely new Chinese sellers to be the cause of an embarrassing storm in the media?


I noticed that too , the Seller name is a quick bash at the keyboard ! Amazon is fast becoming saturated with these types of Sellers springing up and hijacking everything.


Add to that the phenomenon of fake seller feedbacks and bogus duplicate ASINs and Amazon marketplace increasingly resembles a hall of mirrors - at first glance, it’s almost impossible to know what you are looking at…

Apart from kowtowing to the Chinese, the only other rational explanation I can come up with is that Amazon no longer cares about the reputation of Marketplace. :astonished:
Possibly it sees it as an impediment to its burgeoning TV production and data services?


You might be right that it is way down the Amazon list of priorities, but you would think that the compliance dangers inherent in allowing this sort of practice would ring alarm bells at HQ. But maybe the fines which will prospectively be levied by the EU will be as nothing compared to the revenue from China, and that’s all that matters?