Amazon 'flooded by fake five-star reviews' - Which? report


The below Amazon statement does not bode well by allowing cheap substandard products to be sold on the platform with fake 5 star product reviews luring genuine buyers into purchasing poor quality products, there are too many flagrarant listings with large numbers of fake product reviews that are so obvious showing the same review , same buyer detail etc as has been highlighted on numerous threads but large numbers of long standing legitimate sellers, yet no action is taken.

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The Which? report highlights these Brands all of which are still live with fake product reviews;

Cquean - One ASIN Example B07PDGT198 most still live
QianFuyin - This brand has been pulled
GejinFun - This brand has been pulled
Orzly - One ASIN Example B01NAUKS62
Idoosmart - This brand has been pulled


All Chinese sellers except Orzly.


It’s good to see these being pulled but I expect that’s just due to Which? naming those brands as appose to a realy purge or policy change.


It’s the same old story whenever they get called out by the media. They take action against the sellers brought to public attention just to make it look like they’re taking it seriously, but that’s as far as it goes… Business as usual.


They’ve probably got so many scam accounts they haven’t got time to think up proper names.


But they still have not done that to the Celebrat headphones listing, the first named in the article, which is an obvious case. So no, they don’t even do the minimum!


And how many of these sellers also have fake feedback?


In the case of the Celebrat headphones, both Chinese sellers created their accounts so recently that neither has feedback at all!


Don’t worry, they’ll soon arrange some…


ASIN B07NQ8FBRF by the same Seller is even more obvious 88 5 star reviews all posted 15/4/19 yesterday!


B07N4MZN4R had all it’s fake reviews removed yesterday morning when the story broke. Surprise, surprise 278 more fake reviews added yesterday evening. If you filter the review by verified purchase, there is only one review.

Amazon really need to take the nuclear option with these scammers, or it will be the end of their platform.


Wow! 274 new 5 Star reviews all added yesterday despite the press articles and the fact Amazon removed all the previous reviews! IT just shows how easy it is for these companies to generate 5 star products and reviews , that will no doubt massively increase sales at the detriment of genuine sellers and genuine products.


Just by simply removing the ability to leave a review without making a verified purchase would sort the issue.


Amazon’s statement below doesn’t hold much water regarding this then, 274 non verified reviews posted in one day on one product already highlighted. Most of the reviews are duplicated several times with the same content.

In a statement, Amazon said it “invests significant resources to protect the integrity of reviews in our store because we know customers value the insights and experiences shared by fellow shoppers.”

“Even one inauthentic review is one too many,” it added.

“We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, ban, and take legal action on those who violate our policies.”


You’d think with all their resources Amazon would be watching these listings like a hawk and sinking any fake reviews the moment they came up. Better still just delete the listings and ban the sellers, it’s hardly going to affect their bottom line.


This is exactly what needs to happen. Last year when Amazon reveiwed it’s policy on product reviews they asked for seller input on the US forum. I post on there from time to time and I asked them to ban unverified reviews due to them being wide open to abuse.

Good to know they listen to their sellers.


Why? The better the reviews the more they sell. Amazon just want to capture everyone\s shopping, they don’t care how they get it. What they don’t want is you shuffling off to eBay, Walmart, Argos etc. and buying from them.

Good reviews means more sales. They keep some or all the funds on refunded sales so it is either money out of the seller’s or buyer’s pocket on every transaction. They win every way as long as the money keeps moving.


I completely agree here unverified reviews are macking a mockery of the reliability of product reviews, the concept is good but this is being abused to such a degree customers are losing trust , it’s now being weaponised as a tool to promote substandard products within rankings , the large scale abuse is coming from Chinese sellers.


Yes Peter but over time it will work against them. When all the scammy sellers rise to the top and put the decent sellers out of business all you’ll be left with is site full of cheap tat. Once buyers get wise to it they’ll vote with their feet. Personally I spend more on ebay these days because I don’t trust the site.

You would think that blatant abuse would lead to a permanent ban. Amazon need to come down VERY hard on these sellers to send out a message that review abuse will not be tolerated.