suspended due to xmas weekend and bank holidays -late dispatch r8



I hope someone can help me out

My has been suspended due to late dispatch rate jumping over 4%

But the problem is that I could not have mark the item as dispatch due to the weekend + Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th were bank holidays in UK.

So I have dispatched all items on the next working days which was the Wednesday 28th.

All my orders from late friday till sunday morning are now being counted against my late dispacth rate ratio as they were meant to be dispatch latest on the 27th

Now I would like to know wether it is allowed to mark them as dispatched even if orders are still sitting in your warehouse ???
RoyalMail business collections were back on Wednesday 28th so marking them as dispatch before this date would be a lie to the customers.

I hope someone can clarify this confusion and what is the best way to deal with long weekends or bank holidays.
And if someone could help me with the action plan for the suspension appeal

Kind Regards


i had the same issue 2 years ago, my problem was my shipping settings were too short, as stupid as it is you can have your shipping settings at 2months, ship at 1.5months and not get penalized, but if you have your shipping settings at 1 day and ship on the 2nd day you will get penalized.

your best bet is to email be short and precise about the issues you are having, tell them you had your shipping settings too short and have noticed where you went wrong. whenever i have some problems i tend to go there as customer support are hopeless and that is being kind, the team seem to get things done and actually listen to you, ask for a call back it is amazing they actually understand you when you say your name.

its worth mentioning that amazon does take into account bank holidays etc automatically, so that isnt an excuse.

Hope this helps.



Yes I also had around 20 orders for UK, no problem whatsoever for UK late dispatch rate
This has only happened for the France marketplace, also had some order in Germany without any problems.

I have checked my shipping settings and nothing there suggest about bank holidays or working days shipping settings


Tamebay has picked up on this problem, it’s affected a lot of sellers.


We use click and drop (OBA) and they do daily manifest except weekend. Once the label is printed, they will update Amazon that the package has been dispatched.

My view is this, some bigger operations will be packing and stacking them in the corner all day. May be there is 1 collection per day or may be 2. You will not know which one has gone in which collection unless you really looked but as far as you are concern, it is packed and ready to go.

In ERP software, the sales process in simple view is quote -> order -> pick -> create delivery note -> pack then PGI (post goods issue). At PGI point, that transaction will generate an invoice and thus debit customer account and credit company sales + P&L account.

Amazon use the same logic that money is release to us once we confirm dispatch, which can be 9AM or 2 sec before the mailbag is picked up. It depends on your procedure, when you hit that button saying you have ship that order. If you download all orders in morning and then start packing, do you hit each one as you go along or at the end? If you doing weekend packing like a few weeks ago, you have already packed the box and it is amongest the mountain sitting there waiting to be collected.

I once was asked to go retrieve it as the customer want to cancel and I said to him, sorry i wont be able to find it but send it back when it arrives and I will refund.

So my argument is there is nothing wrong, as long as they have been packed and marked as dispatched.

On another note, I had orders from Germany came in late Sunday night and the dispatch date is same date. I have queried this with CS as there is no way I can get them out at 2100 on a sunday night, the quickest will be 0900 Monday morning. I was told it was a clich as they are ahead of us and somehow that confused their dispatch calculation.

As another poster pointed out, I have only just switch EU back on and they have been off in December and only FBA available as there are too many things that can go wrong logistically. I have enough to deal with for UK already.


I received 3 orders about teatime on Christmas Eve for U.K only and despatched on Wednesday 28th as Amazon,s latest despatch date window indicated- all good. It must be your settings for France that you need to address.


It’s because France don’t have the same bank holidays as we do, so anyone ordering on .fr site the dates where UK sellers don’t have to send, it is set up on .fr that you have to, which is troublesome if you ship from the UK. (No-way to change that, thought?).

Personally if it was me I would have just marked as dispatched even if they haven’t been, should still reach buyer in right time frame.


We had this problem with France.
We came in on the 28th to dispatch the orders from 24-28, all of our sites UK, DE, IT, ES were fine. But for some reason FR must have different default handling time, and we had one (luckily not more) with “late dispatch” - our first ever on any account! :open_mouth:

There is no way to bulk change the dispatch time though, is there? Just every listing. So we’re living with it for now.


I had this with France and Italy this year.
Expected dispatch days were bank holidays in the UK.

Luckily, I have a nearby Bargain Booze that has an internal Post Office which opens the same hours as the store (7 days a week till 10pm). So I had to go there on Boxing Day. Great.
They then sat there for 2 days before being collected.

You’d have thought Amazon could have worked this out.


I had exactly the same issue and account suspended. An action plan is required.

Have you submitted your action plan? and is it reinstated?


We have just been hit by the exact same problem - not one single late despatch on 4500 shipments for the entire calendar year (and 10 years of similar proof), then when we missed 2 days during Xmas due to sickness, they have suspended our account 2 days ago.
We have submitted an appeal but have heard absolutely nothing. Does anybody know any way to escalate this?
Getting very concerned with people mentioning it can take weeks. Surely there is a way to contact a human being somewhere?



I have explained this issue in my appeal, it has now been 2 days but no reply for my appeal
I am aware that this could takes weeks or even month before the reinstatement

This issue seems to have affected a lot of sellers as someone mentioned that even TAMEBAY has picked up on this problems

If any of you get an update with their appeal or reinstatement please do let us know, it will help us immensenly


Litterally 2 mins after posting my previous message, I got an email from Amazon France that they have reinstated my account but for some reason the late dispatch rate is still high due to the orders dispatched on wednesday, i will call them and request these orders to be ignored or removed from the defect rate



Account suspended due to exactly the same problem

Submitted an action plan but not accepted.

Would you mind sharing a copy of your plan? Which may be helpful to me to improve my second submission. Please send to {removed e-mail address}

Many thanks in advance

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