Amazon Handmade: New bulk customisation tool available


We’ve made Dynamic Custom Templates (DCTs) available to Handmade selling partners, making it easy for you to apply customisations to numerous ASINs at the same time through a self-generated excel template.

For more information, go to Enabling bulk customisations .

With the bulk listing tool, you can:

  • Reduce listing and catalog management time
  • Create or edit SKUs/ASINs across all customisation types (text, images, and options) and product surfaces
  • Export customisation data and apply it to products with similar fonts, colors, and components
  • Edit and update your existing listings and add new custom products

The bulk listing tool for customisable products is available to registered Amazon Custom and Amazon Handmade selling partners.


I have custom templates.
I would have assumed, if I change the template, all the listings associated with that template would update too.
But, it seems not. I changed 1 template (reducing the prices of certain options) then waited and waited and waited to see if the listings using that custom template would update. But they haven’t.

So are we saying that you’ve built a DCT, but if you update any of those templates, the listings don’t change?! So you either have to manually go back and “Add/edit customisation options” or use the bulk tool??

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