Amazon Has Requested Me To Send Item Descriptions - what do they mean by this?


To put you in the picture, I was first asked to provide invoices for 3 randomly selected ASINs as part of Amazon’s routine authenticity check. As I also sell through a physical shop and bought some of the items a while ago, I had lost/misplaced the invoice for a couple of the ASINs. This is what I sent in my first appeal:

The root cause of the issue
There are 2 issues.

I only possess the invoice for ASIN B00OAMTSJ8 which I have attached to this appeal. ASIN B00OAMTSJ8 is the 12th item on the invoice (SM MANUKA & MAFURA MASQUE 12oz). Unfortunately, the only information that this supplier puts on their invoices is their address. I understand that this is probably not enough information to verify the authenticity of the supplier and this is the first issue. Note: when adding the document, I have ticked all four checkboxes even though only the first criteria has been fulfilled as I am not to submit this appeal unless all four checkboxes are ticked.

The second issue is that, with regards to the ASINs B01NBWTUVZ and B0038TVHGG, the invoices have been misplaced/lost as these items were purchased a while ago (although within 365 days ago). Therefore although these items are authentic, unfortunately I am not able to prove this.

The actions that you have taken to resolve the issue
To resolve the issues, I have removed EVERY item from my inventory (including the ASINs B01NBWTUVZ, B0038TVHGG and B00OAMTSJ8) as I understand that it is important to be able to prove the authenticity of every item that I sell on Amazon. My inventory is now empty and I will only sell items that I can prove the authenticity of.

The steps that you have taken to prevent the issue going forward
From now on, I will only add an item to my Amazon inventory if I possess the invoice from the authorised distributor. This will ensure that every single item that I sell on Amazon is authentic which is important to both myself and Amazon.

Later I was asked for the invoices again and also address 3 points, so here’s my 2nd submission:

I have already supplied the invoices that I am able to supply so I will address the following points:

– The reason you are listing products that you are not approved to sell:

As far as I knew, I was not listing products that I am not approved to sell. I also run a physical shop in Birmingham and the products that I listed were in my shop. As some of the products were purchased a while ago, I have misplaced/lost the invoices for the ASINs B01NBWTUVZ and B0038TVHGG as mentioned in the first submission of my appeal.

– Steps you have taken to resolve this issue:

I have decided to delete the ASINs B01NBWTUVZ and B0038TVHGG from my inventory and I will never list them again unless I can prove their authenticity via supplier invoices.

– How you will prevent this issue in the future:

To be on the safe side, I have deleted all items from my inventory in case there are other items for which I have lost the invoice of. From now on, I will no longer add an item to my inventory unless I possess the invoice from the distributor which can be used to verify the item’s authenticity.

Then I received the following email:

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account.

Why did I receive this message?
You have not sent us sufficient information that we previously requested from you to address our concerns with your account. For privacy reasons, we do not provide details about our investigation methods.

What happens now?
Your account will remain deactivated and we may not respond to further emails about this issue.

I thought this was was essentially the Kiss of Death that I’ve read about so I didn’t do anything since receiving that email. However, yesterday I received the following email:

We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your ability to sell on Amazon at this time. Please address the following concern(s):

You are offering items that may be inauthentic. A list of these items is provided below.

Please send us the following information:
– Item descriptions (for ease of our review, you may highlight or circle the ASIN(s) under review)

You can send .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .gif files. These documents must be authentic and unaltered. We may call your supplier to verify the documents. You may remove pricing information, but the rest of the document must be visible. We will maintain the confidentiality of your supplier contact information.


How do I send the required information?
Please submit this information by clicking the Appeal button next to this message on the Performance Notifications page in Seller Central (

I’m confused as to what they mean by “Item descriptions”. Can someone please enlighten me on my situation?


Its a legal requirement to keep all invoices for at least 3 years and up to 7yrs in case the Inland Revenue want to see them! Your accountant wont be happy if many invoices are missing!

I suspect Amazon want to see an invoice from a new authorised supplier of the goods (who can be verified) and also to see you have some new official stock in.


Hi @Imaan_Hair_Cosmetics,

The account has been brought under review for authenticity issues and the best way to have the review process completed is by submitting the invoices and other proof of authenticity like an authorization documents to us.

You have mentioned in your previous appeal, about certain ASINs of which the invoices are not available with you, if you have any authorization document for those ASINs we would encourage the submission of the same. In case there are no other documentation then listing those products on the platform would lead to further question about authenticity.
Therefore, we would recommend revisiting the entire listings on offer and check for the procurement documents of each ASINs in the inventory to ensure the issue of authenticity is dealt with and the potential issue probability is also minimized.

Please respond to us with the remaining ASINs procurement document (authorization letter, agreements, license or invoices) by highlighting the ASINs in the document. Also, ensure the invoices submitted are issued in the last 365 days with both buyer and seller information along with invoice date and quantity of the ASINs appealed for.

The document is required to be submitted in either .pdf, .jpg, .png or gif files only. You can submit the same by responding to the email received.

Wishing you luck,


In France it’s 10 yrs.

Les autres documents tels que les factures clients ou fournisseurs, les contrats conclus par voie électronique, les correspondances commerciales telle que les bons de commande, les bons de livraison… doivent être conservés 10 ans .


Can you not just contact your suppliers and ask them to email you a copy of your invoices


Thank you for the reply but I do not have any documentation so the only solution which I have proposed is to remove those ASINs from my inventory. In fact I have removed all listings from my inventory just be to safe and from now on I will not list an item before checking that I have its invoice. This solution will prevent this issue from arising again. In fact I’ve gone above and beyond by removing not just the those ASINs but the 300+ listings in my inventory to be sure that every item that I list from now on can have its authenticity verified without issues.

If I mention this solution again by responding to the email, I fear that I may be asked for the same information that I’ve just been requested.

Can my account please be reactivated as I have proposed a solution which is deleting all listings and only listing items that can have their authenticity verified. That is all that I’m able to do. I want to move on from this and either have my account reactivated if amazon is happy with my solution or be notified that my account will remain deactivated. I don’t want to keep going in circles.


Unfortunately its not quite that simple. When there are no invoices, as in this case, then the ONLY solution is to completely delete ALL inventory (which you say you have done) BUT you also need the write a very good Plan of Action and send it to Amazon as an appeal. They will also want to see a new invoice from an authorised supplier showing you have properly purchased new stock and can provide a verifiable invoice for the new stock.


The plan of action would be simple, only list items that I have a verifiable invoice for. There’s not much more to this situation and its been dragged out for too long. And I’m not sure where I’d send this plan of action and in what format as I have already used the plan of action thing in performance notifications when submitting my first appeal. There is no option to write a second plan of action, just an option to submit additional documents.

Also what if the supplier is no longer selling one or two of those ASINs and we cannot find a new supplier selling them? I’m not the business owner myself, I just run his amazon seller account and I believe he told me a while ago that he cannot get a hold of the Tgin Curl Bomb (one of the ASINs) anymore.

Therefore I hope simply deleting all listings and being more careful from now on will be accepted and if Amazon would like to select 3 new ASINs to verify shortly after reactivating my account, that’s fine.


This isn’t how Amazon works I’m afraid. When an account is suspended you need to have a very good plan of action (POA). Your POA has to be in a specific format as follows:

  1. Root cause - they want to know WHY it happened. So in your circumstances you need explain why you cannot provide invoices to verify the authenticity of some of your products. What filing method were you using that led to invoices being lost?

  2. What immediate steps have you taken to rectify the issue? So can advise you have immediately deleted all inventory and will not relist any items that you don’t have full invoices for.

  3. What will you do going forward to make sure this doesn’t happen again. So outline your new record keeping procedures to ensure invoices don’t get lost. Advise you will only list items that you have proper invoices for. Will only source from authorised suppliers etc. Enclose invoices for items that you propose to list if your suspension is lifted, showing their authenticity. Give links to Amazon pages you have read re listing products etc.

If you post your plan on here the forum can give it the once over brfore you submit it.