Amazon Losing shipped in fba units of mine


I use Amazon FBA barcode labels, which means you get the exact amount of labels that you need for each product that you aim to put in.

When I pick my products from my warehouse, I also count the items and then take them into a space that is fully empty so not one of these items could possibly go missing.

Now when working in my clear space which now only has my FBA barcode labels which has the correct number to the amount of units I have picked from my shelves, the fba barcode labels are all with me next to my FBA stock that I’m putting into FBA, I have my shipping box close by, take in mind that nothing can get lost here as there is nothing else nearby.

Now as I put my labels onto each FBA unit going into Amazon, I put it straight into my shipping box. Now if I had an fba label spare that means I have counted my stock incorrectly, but everytime my stock units for each item matches the exact correct amount of FBA barcodes so every unit I’m putting into FBA is correct that I declare I’m putting in.

But then when I go to my fba eveytime nearly they always seem to show a few less units than I had put in overall.

Now some of them you can click so amazon can investigate and then some of the options says “Investigation completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed”. I always thought that had Investigated and found the missing unit, but now I have come to notice that infact it can mean the opposite where they have investigated and did not find the unit so it means it must have not been placed in my shipping box in the first place and I was wrong, I know on these that I’m not possibly going to be wrong, the way I do my shipments, It’s impossible to make a mistake where I place less units in than there should be. I know amazon makes mistakes as I have had sometimes where it says I have placed more units in of some items than I actually have sometimes. That’s impossible to happen aswell.

Well anyway I homemade 5 units of each item of about 10 different products, I placed 2 of each in fba and kept 3 of each back. Well out of 10 of them products, amazon has lost 1 of 1 sku and 1 of another sku. These items was actually quite big aswell like 5cm x 1.2cm x 14cm type size so not sure how they managed that, I feel some of their employees are making mistakes and I’m paying the price. It’s hard enough to make money as it is in business, but if amazon are losing stock aswell and then making out you never sent it in, it makes it harder to make money.

Does anyone else have this type of thing happening to them aswell?


Yeah they loose a few from my shipments nearly every time as well.

Same as you I print out the labels from the shipment screen which double checks my count (no labels left and no products left means count is right) someone else puts the labels on which triple checks the count, and nearly every shipment is missing items.

On saying that I am usually sending in 500ish at a time, so loosing 2/3 is not disastrous, but still adds up…


One of my orders I had as much as around 5% showing as missing, terrible as not sure how that could even be possible.


This is happening to me too, I have lost 10 items from one shipment out of 2 different boxes and two single items from two different shipments.

They refuse to accept they were there and just keep sending the same replies with the procedure explanations

There is no arguing, you never win with Amazon, they are right end of discussion.

I have requested CCTV footage from when the parcels are opened and the ignore the request.


But then when I go to my fba eveytime nearly they always seem to show a few less units than I had put in overall.

Welcome to Amazon FBA, we follow a similar workflow as yourself (printing exact labels, corralling the pick to a packing area etc) however this counting issue on delivery has been going on for years, as long as I can remember. They do actually count them the other way sometimes so sometimes you gain, sometimes you lose, its a roll of the dice.

Many people have reported this issue here on the forum but I have never seen anyone from Amazon take ownership or even acknowledge this as the systemic problem it is so you, we, just have to put it down to the cost of doing business on the platform.


I find if I provide an invoice for the items I have sent in which haven’t been correctly received and declare that I pack them, usually after a few replies back and forth they agree to reimburse.
However it can take 5 or 10 replies to get them to provide a reimbursement for lost items which they say were ‘counted and confirmed’

Because it takes about 2 or 3 weeks after a shipment is received for them to allow you to ask for an investigation, I usually ask when the second physical check took place - and when they cannot answer that question, they usually do reimburse after that.

It may not find it works with everyone, but this is certianly how I get around “investigation completed, shipment contents counted and confirmed”


@MSG_Bike_Gear I have to agree with you, though Amazon make mistakes when receiving shipments, I don’t think that I have ever had the situation where I have not been reimbursed for them.
When you get that “Investigation completed” message, it’s harder to get past, but persistence usually pays off. Even an escalation to the MD’s team if needed.


I am persisting but just keepo getting refused, so many messages back and forth, I have requested escalation.

What do you mean by MD team, managing director?


Yes, the managing director. Search the forum and you will find the email.


Thanks I will try that route


you may have to re-open the case a few times, asking them when and where the check took place, (I started asking this because on the received inventory report, when I see -1/-2/-3 units received, this often happens at a different FC to which the shipment was delivered) - so I ask whether the units were physically checked at BHX4 or LBA4 (example) and on what date. - They can’t seem to answer this and usually results in reimbursement if you are persistent


Thanks that is really useful information, they have finally agreed my largest claim this morning after I insisted again it was escalated, I now just have two more single item claims.

On another shipment they also reckon I sent one more item than I did and I have told them this is not the case but just proves there inability to check stock in correctly

Did same a few months back, I told them it was wrong and they still paid me out for it, only a couple of pounds and still doesn’t cover my losses. All demonstrates they are not doing as they state they are.

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