Hi All, I first signed up for Amazon FBA, but I am moving over entirely to MCF and planning to hide our next listing on here. I am wondering if the packaging requirements still apply when using MCF.
Would I be able to use a velvet bag instead of a poly bag? It seems Amazon doesn’t talk about this much.

Thanks in Advance!


To post the items or to package them ?


As far as i know there are no different requirements for MCF storage - they get handled and stored the same way as regular FBA. The packaging requirements are more about surviving life in their network than they are looking nice for the end recipient.


Hi Little Shop,

To package and send the item to the fulfilment centre


Hi Demel,

Thanks for your input. I can see why that would make sense. I give it a mini test trial at some point and let everyone know how it works out.


then yes as @Demel said - its the same requirements
you have to think about dusty warehouse floors etc

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