Amazon Overcharging :\


So I just had an order from a customer in Italy (was automatically signed up to pan-eu FBA). I relied on the fba fees estimator to understand how much profit I would make. So I calculated (9.44*0.22)+9.44 = 11.52EUR for FBA fees. I was expecting a profit of 1.14GBP per item.

However, upon looking at the invoice for a purchase, Amazon charged me 15.01 EUR instead ? when looking at the details of the payment, I discovered they are charging me 10.51 EUR just for FBA fulfillment. WTH? How on earth am I supposed to make a profit if they cannot reliably tell me how much an item will cost to process ? What am I missing here ?

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Size & weight of item?


Did you sign up to full pan-european fullfilment or do you just store in Germany? There may be additional fees if you just store in Germany and not Poland etc

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