Amazon Pay account deactivated - no notice - exemplary account health - support not responding



my account has been deactivated without any warning and without any apparent reason.

The only reason that I can think of is that my website was running on Magento 1 which is not supported anymore. Although not specifically stated as the root cause for the deactivation, I removed Amazon Pay from the current website and installed on the new Prestashop 1.7 website which is being developed. Prestashop 1.7 is fully supported.

I have made the appeal stating the above and I have not received a single answer from the support.
There are not phone numbers to speak to a physical person .

I have also sent so many messages opening cases etc but they are all marked as “answered” after one day but there is no answer from Amazon.

I tried to close the account but when I click to “close account” under the top right menu, it redirects to the “help” section which is useless as described above.

I am completely hostage of Amazon and I have no idea how to solve this having used all the tools they provide.
Below a snapshot of my support cases log - just so you get a flavour of what I am talking about.

{Moderator Edit (Jessica) image removed as it contained personal information}

Can anyone help in any way?

Thank you

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