Amazon pay issues - please read so you dont have same issue!


Since October our company has not received any disbursements!

After chasing them daily I am being told that we are now expected to take out a COMPANY CREDIT CARD to get our dispersement and that amazon no longer accept Company Debit Cards!

I have been contacting Amazon weekly who have admitted it is their fault but and keep being told unless I register a credit card to our account we will not be paid disbursements -

Can someone else tell me if they are too having the same issue?

WTAF is going on - they expect us to take out a CREDIT CARD so we can receive our own money!!!

Absolute BS!!

I have chased amazon today and they have again said unless I take out a credit card we will not be paid!

Out of principle I will NOT be taking out a credit card however I do question the integrity of a company who expect there customers to take out credi!

What about those unable to get a credit card to OR even worse those who are vulnerable who are unable to manage a credit card!?!?!?!

I am UTTERLY DISGUSTED by the attitude and lack of care with this!



Can you not just get a credit card, withdraw your funds, remove amazon pay from your site and cancel / cut up the card ?


but why should we need to do this? I think perhaps you’re missing the point.

a company of their size demanding their customers to take our credit cards in order to be paid… thats not normal nor acceptable.


because it was pointed out to you on your last thread about this by Tracey that its in their terms

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The terms changed in January, our Amazon Pay was removed prior to this the dispersement is from last year before the terms changed.


what do you mean by removed ?


we removed the option from our site after months of amazon not making payments!

they have admitted fault but yet still not sorted the issue was simply asking if anyone else has had this issue - I presume you haven’t but thanks for your help.

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