Amazon payments after account deactivated


Hello! Can someone help me with the email address where I need to send the request for unlocking the money for Germany, Italy, Netherland after my account was deactivated

Thank you


Hello @From_Romania_With_Lo,

This is Krish to help you with your concerns.

I understand your account is deactivated and you have questions regarding the funds in the account.

For the email address, we would recommend you to check the notification received in the performance notification at the time of account deactivation. You can reach out to the concerned team by writing an email and if you have already reached out to the team, please wait for the reply from the team as the process may take some time.

The forums community and I are here to support you. Please let us know how we can help you from this point forward.

Thanks and Regards



Hello! Krish i already sent mail to Italy , Germany and Netherland but i dont have an answer for 4 days now… Can you help me ?


4 days is nothing in Amazon’s time scale - they are dealing with thousands (probably tens of thousands) of emails a day. You need to just wait - hard as it is.


Hello @From_Romania_With_Lo,

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand that you need help with the funds on your account.


If you have already reached out to the relevant team on email, I would request you to wait for a revert from them. Do keep a regular check on your Performance notifications.

Also for more assistance , you can reach out to our support team using Contact us.



Thank you for the answer.

I already sent an email to italy deutschland and another one… now i will wait! Thank you