Amazon Policy for FBM Orders when Buying Shipping from Amazon



Can forum members / moderators advise what is Amazon policy for FBM orders where the seller buys shipping from Amazon, tracking shows order is delivered (including GPS details, picture) and the buyer claims via an A-Z claim the order is not delivered?

Thanks in advance.


Buy shipping does not protect you from A-Z claims and more than buying elsewhere, it protects your VTR even when Royal Mail do not scan, but wont give extra protection for claims, even with GPS and delivery photo.


Can you please provide a pointer to the Amazon policy URL link which states the above.


You are protected from the metric impact, but not the financial one.


Presumably you have contacted the buyer giving them all the delivery details, date, time, stating that the GPS co-ordinates match etc…
Have you checked google street view to see if the photo matches the doorway at their address ?


Thanks @PeterB, this was a much useful and correct reply with pointer to the exact policy, which highlights this is not just the VTR however includes the metrics.

However the financial loss aspect is concerning. So, despite purchase of any sort of expensive shipping from Amazon and the tracking details showing the package as delivered including picture evidence, GPS location scan, perhaps even a signature; if the buyer claims the package as undelivered -
A). Amazon will refund the buyer from seller funds
B). Seller can’t even claim this back from courier as label is owned by Amazon and label proves the package as delivered.

With an exponential increase of scammers on Amazon, the percentage of such scenarios, financial loss to a seller ,no warning or action on any of such scammer theft buyers - all of this can easily lead to FBM sellers loss their entire stock and business in a few months?


There is no certainty that Amazon will find against you for INR, but it seems to be the majority of cases.

Certainly reports of INR fraud are high, but of course the feedback on the forums is biased - people will rarely come here to create posts saying they successfully defended an INR, just to ask for advice how to appeal…

You are right, claiming against the courier with buy shipping is harder and more convoluted, if not downright near-impossible. However, even if you buy your own shipping via a 3rd party courier, they generally wouldn’t refund you or pay-out if their systems show the delivery made properly.

I understand your point but I think that is a little extreme. Businesses do suffer from online fraud of one type or another, but there has to be some loss built into your pricing and revenue model, just as a high street shop will have breakages and shoplifting built into theirs.


Yes, thanks will do.

However, all of that doesn’t matter as Amazon will simply refund the money even though we know this is a scam.


It is possible to claim from the carrier, (in a rather convoluted way and certainly not easy !), BUT if their own tracking shows as delivered then they will not pay out.

That is why I said about challenging the buyer with all the evidence of it having been delivered, and sometimes they have retracted, in which case you can possibly get a refund by contacting the MD.


I recently had an order that was sent with Buy Shipping, showing as delivered by Evri on the tracking, though there was no photo confirmation. The buyer claimed an INR A-Z and Amazon paid out but funded it themselves so I was not out of pocket. It was all done automatically with no input from me.


Hi. Same happened to me. Item showed as delivered when using CRL48 large letter. Customer claimed INR. Amazon funded the refund.


I should add though that shipping was bought through Amazon


We have also had a customer claim INR on a parcel with postage bought through Amazon Buy Shipping, that was showing as delivered. Amazon funded the A-Z claim and it didn’t impact our metrics.

I think as long as the postage has been bought through Amazon’s Buy Shipping and is shown as delivered on Amazon’s system, (on the customers order page) then you are okay and protected.