Amazon refunded £90 for a £3.69 FBA order


Hi all,

Amazon have refunded my customer £90 for a £3.69 order however as you can imagine Seller Support aren’t being much help.

Any ideas why this might of happened?




Only Support can really answer why so you’ll need to persist with them. It could be Support have refunded the whole order from you rather than from other sellers by mistake, could be a goodwill payment for a variety of reasons that may be better funded by Amazon themselves etc.


It comes up as Goodwill, so as you mentioned I just need to persist with Seller Support.

Like hitting your head against a brick wall though.

Thanks for your help.


Never heard of good will payments for £3.69 order jumping to £90.00


What was the product? Is it something that could potentially have resulted in damage to the Buyer’s property?


Hello @Dwills,

Can you please share with me by DM the order id to identify the claim?



Yes probably they bought it on Prime delivery (1 year subscription) and they refunded the Prime membership for 1 year from your money. Happened to me. Did manage to get the money back but it was work.