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I’m especially selling classic watches.

And ofcourse we receive returns as well. But some are ok to sell again, but sometimes people have worn or shortened the watch, which we now can’t sell again as new.

Now I do now that we have the option that we can refund just a part of the purchase price. But does anyone else has experience in such returns? If so, how to handle returns that you can;t sell as new again?

Thanks in advance.


It depends very much on the reason for the return.
If it is materially different to the way it was sent, then you can pay up to 50% of the purchase price back.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for the quick response.

Well the reason is: No longer needed.

And the watch looks worn and is shortened. So if I understand correctly we may refund just half off the purchase price?


In that case, you can make a partial refund based on what you believe the value to be.
But do be aware, that doesn’t mean that the customer can’t then open an A-Z if they disagree with you.
They probably will in fact, but if you defend it correctly, Amazon should refund.


In the EU there is no limit to the depreciation value that you can deduct, if genuine you can withhold 100%.
The 50% mark however seems to be a figure that Amazon themselves more readily accept, that is why it is suggested as the cap you use.


What do you mean by “classic”? That suggest to me they are already used or am I missing something. When I think of classic my mind immediately goes to vintage.


Surely you could at least deduct the percentage it has been shortened by.


This is one reason I gave up on watches a long time ago.

A £400 mint watch sent out - return with a tiny nick on the case

is now worth £50.

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