Amazon Seller Account Suspended can affiliated brand be used by other sellers


One of my friends seller account suspended. He has to registered brand. my question is: can these brand be used by another seller and for how long. what would happen to these brands when this seller account will permanently be closed.


Is this your friends account, your brothers account or your account that is suspended ?

A suspended account cannot be closed

You could in theory use the branded listing but if as a new seller you were asked for invoices, you wouldn’t be able to provide them
You also wouldn’t have the protection of brand registry if someone else were to jump on the listing

If you do not live in UK , you will need to register for uk vat


bro. You just imaging that an account is suspended. This account has two registered brands. Now he wana know… wheather or anyone else can use his registered brands or the brands will also be effected with the suspension of seller account


yes - as i stated above - you can use the brand - but not without potential problems

amazon will link the accounts though and you need to look into why the account was suspended


Yes! i reviewed and understood the problem. Amazon asked the account owner 2 months back to upload share capital but he ddnt. in the meanwhile he also made some changes to the company details mean changed a share holder and transfer some shares as well and presented this new share capital report to amazon and they suspended without any explanation.


maybe the details didn’t match ?!
CH shows you are in Pakistan therefore you will require UK VAT registration


but brother! I thought that i need not VAT until my yearly turnover is above 85000 GBP
What do u suggest if I register VAT now will solve my problem


No thats only for people who live in UK
If you live outside UK you must register for vat


Brother! i have 2 more questions.
My first shipment is (1000 items) is with Uk Customes. Forwarder told me that they are taking time to release the goods and they are not telling any reason. I provided them EORI number and no VAT number. What do u thing will they release the goods without VAT number.
Once they release the goods what would happen to my goods while my seller account is suspended by amazon.
Or is it possible that I may talk to someone to take those goods and sell on their seller account.
and last … will amazon reopen my seller account after 90 days or not?

thanks in advance


You would be better concentrating on getting your account reinstated, make sure amazon have all the right details exactly as per companies house and also get your vat registration done. If the shipment is in customs could you try and divert it to somewhere other than amazon?


Honestly it smells of a trouble here.
Your “friend” got suspended and you want to take over his listings?
I’m pretty sure Amazon will catch on and will get you suspended if there is anything connecting you and your friend.
Remember, that Amazon does have a facial recognition system and if you will host your “friend” in your premises to circumvent his suspension, you are running a very serious risk of getting banned for rules manipulation.

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