Amazon seller support multi channel FBA issue


I have an issue, can anyone point me in the right direction.

I sent an order via multi channel FBA.

Buyer address is correct. The postal town is Wandsworth.

My customer emailed saying they haven’t received it.

I checked the tracking (sent via dpd) and it says it was delivered to a neighbour in Southall.

Southall and Wandsworth are two very different towns in London.

I raised this with seller support and they say as the tracking shows it as being delivered then they cannot help.

I raised the obvious points of asking for the address it was delivered to and who signed for it.

They replied saying they didn’t have this information and as it shows as delivered to ‘Southall’ (They cannot do anything.

Southall is the only address information they have. This is not who signed

I pointed out that the town is not even on the address.

Again they repeated the same response.

I’m on my fifth message to them and am getting the same cookie cutter response.

Does anyone know how I can escalate this? Is there an email, phone number or procedure I can follow?

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


No-one will have signed for it, unless DPD have changed their Covid procedures. Where have you been for the last 18 months?

If you have DPD’s tracking number, ask them where they delivered it


COVID doesn’t stop a name being given upon delivery nor an address of delivery being taken.

Thanks for your input, it managed to avoid the question entirely.


A name is not a signature. You asked who signed for it - the answer is no-one, although the driver may have entered the name from the package, which therefore proves nothing. The GPS co-ordinates and photo of the doorstep that DPD should have would be more use

If it’s an FBA order, Amazon are supposed to deal with all customer problems, not you

There is no phone number you can use, you can only go through SS. And as no-one else seems to be rushing to answer your thread, it looks like I’m the only help you’re going to get


“There is no phone number you can use, you can only go through SS.”

lots of useless fluff but at least you partially answered my question.


Could you try dpd? Presumably you’ve got the address details you put in the system to order the item so you should be able to match that (or not) to the dpd details to find out where it went wrong?

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