Amazon Selling My Prime Offerings Abroad?


So, just a quick question. Not an issue at all, just wondering if this is common practice or if anyone else has had it happen - just curious is all.

We’ve got a product that sells pretty well, it’s FBA but only within the UK, enabled EFN on it yesterday and I noticed that there was already one for sale in Italy, it said it was stored and sold by Amazon. Looking today, that is gone and it is just my offering there.

So what I’m guessing has happened is Amazon can see that product is a good seller, and essentially just dropship it themselves to another buyer abroad and profit off the difference.

So this must be why every now and then I see orders in my account with the buyer being “Amazon”.

Never knew this was happening until I just put two and two together.

Does Amazon do this in general for everyone, or would there be a reason they are doing this?

Bonus question - how do Amazon decide when somebody qualifies for a Vendor account? We have a few products that Amazon is unable to compete with, frequently beating them in the best sellers and also on price.