Amazon set up saying my VAT num is wrong



Can someone from amazon please give me a number so I can resolve an issue with account set-up. The system is not accepting my VAT number so I cannot complete account set up.

Also you guys should have phone support.




Here is Amazon’s seller support phone number: 0800 496 1081

Just a thought, you did remember to put GB at the beginning of your VAT number and no spaces when entering it?



Do you think he means us - we should have a phone support!

A direct dial to the light bulbs and wands of the forum!


Oh that’s a very good point, when I gave that advice a while back I just said put GB - never crossed my mind they could be outside the UK, doh!


Are you following Amazon advice on entering your VAT number?

‘To provide us with your valid VAT registration number that was issued by the tax authorities in one of the European countries, go to Your Seller Account and click the Edit your seller settings link. On the next page you’ll find a link for entering and editing your VAT registration number. Your EU VAT registration should include the two digit country code followed by the number (alphanumeric values only). Please do not add any spaces, dashes or any other symbols. You can also delete a previously-entered VAT number on this page.’


oooh I hope not - we’d have even less time selling/listing/correcting the catalogue (sorry, trying to get AMZ to correct the catalogue) :wink:


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