Amazon small and light FBA fee's from 01/03/23


Can anyone tell me how fee’s will be calculated for small and light products that are envelope sized moving forwards from 01/03/23

I can’t find a clear answer in the documentation

Will small and light envelope fee’s be measured by unit weight or by their dimensions?

Many thanks


See the following page to show the new fees

Also I have been using the Fee Preview Report to help work out my new prices. This has both the current fees and new fees along with the current selling price so it is a good way of seeing how much fees are going up and for checking current fees are correct

My understanding is that it is orders despatched from the 1st March that will be subject to the new fees. So if a customer places an order today but it is despatched tomorrow then you will get charged the new fee.


Thanks for the information


Thanks for the links - useful.

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