Amazon SP-API get shipping addresses for all orders


In the old MWS “getOrders” api call, there was in the response a field for each order named “shippindAddress” which I could use to create my shipping labels.

In the new SP-API in the getOrders there is no such field. Instead you can get the shipping address via "/orders/v0/orders/{orderId}/address ". But you should call this api for each order (>100) and the rate is set for 1 per second… So for 100 orders I will have to wait over 1.5 mins to get all addresses.

Is there a possibility to get all order with shipping addresses ? Or to increase the request limit ?


Cant you have more than one
per api request?


we do it by requesting an order report via the mws api

Then a seprate request to download the order report a few minutes later.


Unfortunately no. In the official documentation there is only one string expected.


So you mean that you get the order address by the order report. This would be a workaround but not the perfect solution.
In the old MWS Api there was a special field for the shippind address… I dont understand why they removed it now…

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