Amazon Spain Seller Performance Email


Hello, we received an email today from the Spanish seller performance team asking us to provide a invoice from our supplier due to “concerns about the authenticity of the item”.

The mail address they told us to send the information to is

We have sent them the required information but received a error message stating “Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email.”

Does anyone know the correct email address for the Spanish seller performance team

Thank you


Hi Richard,
A lot of Amazon email addresses have been changed recently and are causing problems.
You can try this one :crossed_fingers:t3:


Thanks, for the reply
I received an answer from seller support and they advised that the correct one should be

When I sent it to this email address I’ve just checked and Outlook has changed it to the one you provided.??

All very strange…we will see if we receive a response…