Amazon Staff Help?


I have been bounced around for nearly a week trying to get a Handmade Seller Account. Its a long story and repetitive but I’m no further along.

Is there an Amazon member of staff in here at all that could reach out and contact me to take responsibility for sorting my issue rather than keep getting different people and departments all the time… I’m almost ready to quit applying.

Mnay thanks :frowning:


unfortunately we are all just fellow sellers
if you state your problem though, someone maybe able to advise


Ah i didn’t realise, thank you!

In 2019 I was accepted for a Handmade account (I applied but did not complete the registration process). Now i am in a position to join Handmade i have been trying to join but getting nowhere.

I have signed up to the Central Seller and paid the £30.00 as i understand you need this before applying for handmade.

Now, when i try to apply, I get a message when i press submit stating that i have already submitted an application and if i do not here within a week to contact them. (But i haven’t submitted one) and therefore cannot complete the registration process.

I contacted them and have been advised twice that there is no resister of any application for me under my business address or my name.

Going around in circles and its so time consuming …

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


this forum profile is only a few days old
did you login to the account you registered back in 2019 or create a new account ?


No I did try but didn’t manage to log as the link from the email sent back then is now dead, so it does seem that perhaps its been too long. Therefore, I signed up with the same email address for the seller central account and tried to apply again.


Oh dear - worst thing you could have done. You are not allowed to open a second account if there are problems with the first one.


I didn’t realise there were problems with the first as it just didn’t let me log in to anything and it was a dead link, so i followed the advice about having the central seller account which i made 2 days ago and have paid £30 for… its driving me mad lol


Don’t know who advised you but not correct! You need to go back and validate/complete registration for the first account ad this second one won’t be allowed anyway


If its the same email address it shouldnt have created a new account though?

If you’ve paid the £30 you must’ve done some parts of an application so what emails / notifications have you had from amazon?


Well guys, i dont want to get too excited as some of the responses from Amazon cases raised are a copy and paste response with errors it seems as the information is contradicting … BUT … almost a week later… when i sign into my seller account i see this …

Sell On Amazon Professional

Amazon Payments Europe Agreement accepted.

Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement accepted.

Handmade At Amazon Registered

(,,,, )
Amazon Business Registered

(,,,, )
Fulfilment by Amazon Registered

Does this mean im in ! ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m getting the same issues?

Did you end up getting into Handmade, is it simply a waiting game?


Hi, yes, I persevered and kept repeating myself when contacting them and someone finally understood and sorted it. :slight_smile: Not yet listed anything though…that’s next on my to do list!

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