Amazon stole my money


Hi guys,

My AmazonPay account got closed/suspended without reasons given or notice. This happened 5 months ago. Because that account is closed/suspended, i cant access the support pages and create a ticket.

I’m writing this message and accessing this board through my other account, which i use for my other business. What now if I didn’t have this account? It would have been impossible to write or get in contact with anyone from Amazon.

To Amazon: Your seller-support customer service is horrendous, I’ve called countless times, all you guys do is redirect me to email addresses that never respond back to me. Nobody is taking responsibility for anything at all.

There is a chunk of money on the account and 0 information as to when or even if this money will get paid to me. What a horrendous experience this has been.

Since your service has been so poor, i’ll be flying to your head offices in London next week to collect my money in person. Really it shouldn’t have come to this. Best of luck.


Not really sure where to start, but Amazon rarely post here so you may not get a response from them.

Admitting to a second account seems a bit daft given the circumstances, but to each their own. You may have already tried the email address below, but just in case it is within this part of the policy around disbursements:


If your account is not reinstated following an appeal or you choose not to appeal the deactivation, after 90 days from when your account was deactivated, you may separately request funds disbursement by contacting We will conduct a separate investigation to evaluate your account for abusive, fraudulent or other prohibited activity. During this process, we may request that you provide additional information or documentation regarding your identity, financial instruments and product sourcing. We may validate any information that you provide with third parties or government agencies.

If we find that you have engaged in deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activity, have abused our systems, or repeatedly violated our policies that protect our customers and sellers, we may withhold some or all funds in your account . Examples of deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activities include, but are not limited to: falsifying or misrepresenting your identity, violating Amazon’s anti-counterfeit policy or submitting forged documents to Amazon.


Hi Demel,

Thank you. The 90 days have long since passed and I have emailed many times now, they do not respond.

Admitting to a second account seems daft? From which account should I be posting on this forum then? You can’t reach out to anyone from an account that has been suspended/closed.


Because you can expect it to get shut down.

If they aren’t responding then your last option is to send them a letter before cause which is the step prior to court action.

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